"When the wicked rule, the people mourn." So says scripture. Then what is the difference between the wicked and the ego?

Many of us have learned negative self talk creates problems and stress, simultaneously. Many have also learned stress leads to multiple physical dysfunctions and disabilities. Many of us wish we could develop an immunity to negativity. Many of us wish it was easy to do. It is.

The subconscious is very analogous to a computer. But the operating system is developed rather than installed. Each time a new software program is added by life experience, the operating system reconfigures to operate the software. Unfortunately, we have no antiviral programs in our earliest years so the operating system configures to accommodate viral activity. The viruses will come to be called ego by psychologists and para psychologists.

By the time we become adults, the viruses are controlling the operating system. Each time viruses take over an operating system, the change is permanent and system operation barely resembles the one we begin with. The most practical solution is anti virus programs. The great thing about these modern programs is; after they clean up your hard drive and operating system, they go on defense to prevent further infection. We need no more software. From time to time, re installation is very helpful and improves program performance. New anti virus software is always synergistic with the original. It is simply an upgrade and desirable as such. Poor memory is pro virus.

The software we need is cheap and often free. It works by explaining the nature of the viruses which collectively become our ego. By the time most of us reach adulthood, we are convinced we are our egos. Bet you can guess what convinced us. It is ego - our personal Wizard of Oz. The one who speaks to us through a P.A. system so we cannot hear the instructions from spirit, our remaining uncorrupted operating system. Ego never completely runs the machine. Spirit is always there, helping us avoid constant ego plotted disasters.

There is no great effort involved installing our new anti virus software. It comes down to reading and empowering spirit. Not coincidentally, the empowerment of spirit is one result of understanding ego. Ego only corrupts our operating system when we are unaware of its activity. To see it is to control, then vanquish ego. The software operates by improving our mental, emotional and spiritual vision.

To acquire this anti viral vision, one can search and seek for years. It has become my mission to provide others with one short cut I discovered more than ten years ago. One who learned, then learned to give sight to the blind and explain the operation of ego and spirit. This man of great wisdom and human compassion died in 1992, yet he lives on. You may find all of his light at Super Wisdom Dot Com. His disciple Tom Russell, has created a virtual memorial to Vernon Howard, which is a magical cyber kingdom of new understanding and light. Much of the light is published without charge. That which may be purchased is worth many times the price. Unlike the scripture parable, we do not need to sell all we own to purchase the field which has the treasure. We need only trade some time and take the treasure. If that price is more than we can afford, it tells us how badly we need the light to see. Enjoy the absolute thrill of positive growth. Sooner is better by far.
Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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Comment by Shawn Patrick Thompson on January 9, 2012 at 3:38am

Ed you here ...no request looked at lately?You"ll be hearing from me on face!

Comment by Ed Howes on May 3, 2010 at 3:20pm
Thanks Alexa, I think it does not take that long to reprogram. In the Hidden Hand dialog, he says we lack the discipline. In that respect we might liken it to learning a musical instrument. With practice we can actually play music in a matter of weeks, but competency then comes with years of practice and mastery sometimes not at all. All my reloads have been somewhat cyclical and it is a story I may yet write, so stay tuned dear sister.
Comment by Alexa on May 3, 2010 at 12:41pm
great anaology. though I wish you had shared a bit too of what it was that actually turned your journey. (I know, you left the website!) but, love the analogy. it is much like the movie "the matrix" in my mind, and how easily they could re-load programs just by, well, re-loading a new program. have pondered myself on how it takes the human programming so long to re-load. ;)
great stuff Ed!
wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

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