Standing in your own power of "love"

Standing in your own power of “love”


We are in the midst of a juncture in time. When time and space collide to produce an evolved version of it’s own Self. What may seem new is just an expansion from what already existed. We are the evolving New Paradigm of consciousness.

Standing in your own power has traditionally been perceived from a battle standpoint. That a battle must ensue in order for you to gain more power over another. These dualistic views are a product of the human mental and ego mind. When in reality there is nothing to battle with other than another level of our own Self. All is the Self and there is nothing beyond it or separate from it. All is One. This does not mean however once a person obtains the knowingness that all is One that the other parts of the Self have done the same. You may be a self realized fish living in the sea, but you are still residing within the sea with other fish. This is when compassion, patience and respect plays a role within your own service to the collective. Yes, we may need to stand in our own power at times, however we can do this in a respectful manner. Not all people/Beings reside within the same level of consciousness. How would we evolve our collective beingness if all were the same? The spectrum of energies that make up the collective sea of life that we are, was created like it is for a reason! We can live in denial of the reason why Creation is the way it is or we can see the divine order within All That Is. This is our choice.

The more we integrate our heart consciousness within our physical body the more we are evolving our perceptions/understanding of the real workings of our reality and the Universe. We are learning more about who we really are. The illusion of separation created by our ego and mental mind becomes more understood. This understanding is something that we obtain through the process of “releasing” the patterns and programs that the ego mind and mental body works through. Have you ever heard the statement “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?” This is the reason why the ego mind is called the “insane ego.” In order to move beyond the constraints of our current level of consciousness we must first let go of the patterns and programs that make up that level of consciousness. We have many levels of consciousness and the ego is only the part that is tied to the physical body. Our eternal levels of Being exist through the heart.

The more respect and understanding we have for all life, the more responsibility we are also accepting. If we don’t take responsibility for our own role within the collective beingness, we are only continuing to act as the children. We however are not only the children but we are also the Mother and Father. We can take on these roles by stepping into them, embracing the whole and loving all with-out conditions. Being the God Creators that we are but also taking responsibility as Co-Creators within our collective body.

Time within the 3rd dimensional reality is circular just like the insane ego mind. It goes around and around continually living within the same pattern until the patter in broken. In order to break the 3D pattern/program we have to create and start using new patterns to live through. This means releasing the old and accepting a new way of doing things. Embracing new perceptions of time and how we are a part of time. New perceptions of who we are and who we are as a collective. Releasing our beliefs and self imposed mental barriers that we have created for ourselves. During changes like this, not all will want to change or see the reason to change. This is fine again all is in divine order and all are playing a role within our collective experience and expansion.  Love all, serve all!

We are the evolving New Paradigm of consciousness! Step into your own power of love. Let’s play like children and have fun but also embrace our roles as both Mother and Father and take responsibility for being Co-Creators. The time is now! There is nothing to wait for. No one is going to do it for us. Let’s Create what we wish to experience!

I invite you all to watch the follow video I recently created. The more we let go of the denial and fear of what truly exists the more we are embracing who we really are!

Defining victim consciousness, the reasons for standing in your own power of love and the expansion of our brain mental capacity.

Change the patterns and collectively “we will” change the program! : )

In service and in love…….namaste, Joe

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joe Weaver is a personal transformation coach, energy therapist, speaker and worldwide facilitator of workshops that promote personal empowerment, transformation, realization, and ascension. For more information, to view upcoming events, or sign up to his email list, visit

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