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“…make decisions based on your honest feelings. Stick to these decisions and don’t allow outside influences to cause you to waiver.”

“When you are really honest with yourself, you know what your desires are. ….you mustn’t let outside influences sway you. While it is always wise to listen to the counsel of others, don’t allow your own needs to be compromised.” ~ Doreen Virtue

This notion confused me today. How do I know what my true desires are? I feel like I am in a fog and can’t differentiate between my desires and the desires of society and others.

So, I decided to bury my head in the sand so to speak. I keep on keeping on without really making any decisions or changes in my life.

How do I get clear on what I truly want? How do I find and listen to my inner desire? How do I take care of myself when I have always taken care of everyone else (often at the cost of my own peace of mind)?

I just find it odd that I don’t even know how to tap into my own inner voice and desires.

Something I will definitely have to work on!

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Comment by Alexa on December 28, 2009 at 2:55pm
that poem is amazing. I have felt that way in my own journey, and sometimes I still do. keep the faith. this too shall pass.
In the meantime, namaste for bringing everything into the light. namaste my friend.
Comment by Marianne on December 28, 2009 at 2:38pm

The answers will come to you when you sit silently and listen to your heart. You do have the answers; listen to them when they come to you. They often come from your pain.





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