Sprouting Self Love ~ Is It Time for A Self-Talk Spring Clean-Up?

Sprouting Self Love ~ Is It Time for A Self-Talk Spring Clean-Up?

There is so much negatively impacting us and our world right now, so much pressure and crisis and clean up we are are attempting and clamoring towards and facing both individually and collectively. As empaths it can feel just plain overwhelming. Empaths want to address and fix and save and fix it ALL right now. Because cruelty, destruction of the sacred, and unkind things can feel unbearable to our sensitive nervous systems and souls. Sometimes our sensitive systems can barely take it. So what does this have to do with our self talk?

The connection is that while we are being negatively impacted by events or energies in the world it can be especially easy to get ourselves caught in the vortex of clamoring for perfection and change and trying to be so ... well, perfect. It puts us into a stress response that is hardly easy on our health, and that can affect our self-talk thinking too. Because perfection doesn't exist (except in the Absolute) we must remain mindful of our pacing and reality. And just like the world cannot meet our expectations and wishes as empaths, we must realize that we cannot meet our own expectations as human beings either. Let's face it, we can be as hard on ourselves and others as we are on the world, both harming our health and impacting our elevated hsp stress levels which we already have to manage with more self care and attention than most. So. What can we do?

For starters we can reduce empathic stress levels by stalking (a toltec word for hunting like a jaguar) our negative self-talk, and turning it around by increasing our inner self-love talk. Doesn't that feel good already? I'll give you an example:

As I stalked my inner messaging system for just a couple of days this week (the voice of my own inner critic) I noticed immediately that one of my regular self criticism go-to's is: I'm so weird. I say it gently and under my breath. But it can be accompanied by a real heartfelt feeling of empathic torture and pain. I've noticed that I say it to myself quite a lot in fact. I said it this week after meeting a new group of women (I wondered if I'm too much or whether I really fit in - which is an interesting turn of phrase as well. do I "fit"? Is there enough space for the real me to show up?), or perhaps when editing things I write or share to unnecessary regard (I love to edit, I used to be a video film editor), and I say it when I repeat things to my sweetheart husband too many times (I have a family history of not being heard, so sometimes I have to be sure!) plus.. I'm "unusually deep and reflective" and feel "too much" or "too deeply" according to some of the less sensitive folks from my past (past being the operative word), although I am finding the world increasingly opening up to awareness around the sensitivity and spiritual sensory experience (all common traits and experiences we empaths often deal with). In any case I've started this new practice of answering and rewiring my inner critic and taking back my voice and power in a fine tuning kind of way too. and you know what? It feels great, has immediate results, and is really working to manage and calm and even rewire my sensitive hsp system. At this important time of potent and intensive collective shift, expansion and contraction, it is updrading my circuitry too.

Now when my inner critic tells me something like I'm too weird, I say: "Yes! I'm weird, and deep, and passionately creative and thoughtful to a fault sometimes, and I'm learning to hold and expand and honor that in healthy present ways. I love that about me." And I walk away happy and free. And go on with my day in alignment and blooming self love. I'm going to keep it up.

Give it a try. Stalk yourself and notice a common phrase you repeat about yourself in a negative way. Then talk back to it, turn it around with a radical Truth of Who You Truly Are. Speak the answer back right out loud. And re-wire that pattern and thought with some #BloomingSelfLove.

It's a great easy practice for growing new sprouts of Joy for this Spring! Enjoy.

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reposted from spring 2016

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