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Then Ananda came to the Lord (Buddha) and said: “Half of the holy life is friendship, association and intimacy with the spiritual.”
Buddha replied “Say not so! It is the whole of the holy life, not half, this friendship, this association, this intimacy with the spiritual.”

- Samyutta Nikaya V:2


Is not the holy life, the making of spiritual friends, the recognition of them everywhere? A stray dog can be a spiritual friend, so can the breeze, rain and clouds. Friendliness is a feeling of affinity and total spiritual friendship is connecting spiritually with all beings and nature (nature is Truth!). A spiritual person has no enemies. The world is just full of friends and strangers yet to be befriended.

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Comment by Maria Benavides on February 1, 2011 at 9:42pm
I liked it.  Very well said.




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