Every evening this week my hubby and I have been watching a rather bulbous spider come out and spin a wonderous web across our back deck. She is so fascinating and it is amazing to watch. She shoots herself (and her web) across from the wall of the house to the posts and the chairs, and you can see her miticulous little "hands" working so fast and hard, and with such precision.. each and every night. In the morning, the web is gone. No doubt (as my hubby describes it) blown away by the insects and wriggling from the night before. Then, just at dusk, she appears again on our porch, another mituculous spinning for another day's (or nite's) meal. - She does resemble Charlotte actually, and we are waiting to see "smart dog" written in her art! in the meantime, I am so inspired to honor my own daily routines. Of working, cleaning and preparing our meals. We may have to do them every day. But she is a glowing example of dedication to the daily chores that simply need to get done. on the other hand, I believe her medicine is that of a dream weaver. and of weaving a new dream. and it has been fascinating to watch. namaste miraculous grandmother spider.

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Comment by John Ptacek on September 7, 2011 at 7:53pm
I used to think of intelligence as a carefully written editorial in the NYT. Thankfully, I learned the difference between intellect and intelligence. A spider spinning a web: pure intelligence. Cool photo.

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