Our perceptions don’t need going thru a special training because they just are. On the other hand our daily observations can be greatly improved with a simple, but at the same time very effective training. I invite you to consider the following: To the layman the bright colors call our attention. To the artists, photographers, interior decorators and architects all the color spectrum is is taken into account. Please allow me to enhance thr importance of detecting first and then appriciating the importance of black color. We can spend aslittle as fifteen minutes to realize how we haven’t been able to be aware of this color.If we take a short strol invoking this color by asking politely our brain to scan every black object in just five minutes spent doing this, we will convience ourselves that we have been black color blind for quite some time. 

  Our objective minds deals with our perceptions. It also has to do with computing our black and white world as every time we look at black and white pictures or when we watch a black and white movie. Our subective minds are responsible for computing information about everything we read, study or ponder about, but it also deals wonderfully with our colorful world. Our real world has a lot of colors, so our awarness about these glorious colors belongs to this mind. 

  Permit me please to use just another practical example for your total conviction. Imagine that using a deep black background we place different objects. Let’s start by placing a big red rose which has some dew drops in some of its petals. Close your eyes and for a brief moments "see" this beautiful red rose. Let’s remove it by now placing two just picked oranges. Again close your eyes and seem them. Next it is the turn of placing three ripe bananas. Close your eyes and look at them with your mind’s eye.Now let’s place to halves of a crispy lettuce with some drops of water on its surface. The procedure is repeated by closing our eyes for just a few moments and see this cut in two lettuce.It time to place a huge glowing blue diamond. Again let’s close our eyes and mntally admire its rare beauty. Rembember a deep black background. It is time to place our last objects; four pieces of violet quartz. Healing quartz. Let’s close our eyes and imagine the tremendous energy being released by these violet pieces of quartz. 

  Now lt’s change the background by using a pure white color background. One by one place the former objects and appriciate them. Now let’s be totally honest. Which objects seemed more real to us those with a dep black background or those when we used a pure white background? 

  My humble recommendation is that please do these very basic and simple experiments. I do need your feedback


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Comment by Ezequiel Rodiguez on March 31, 2012 at 12:15pm

Always with a loving haert to serve you sisteea

Comment by Alexa on March 31, 2012 at 10:15am

Interesting. All objects stand out so much more on the black background. what interesting implications. thank you Eezee. <3

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