Speaking and Expressing Our Truth as Medicine for the World

Empaths Speaking Out -

I am seeing many reflections of the Feminine Force washing through and around our cosmic globe at this time. She is moving us - in no uncertain terms - to paint, write, dance, speak out our personal truths and stories, express our most intuitive and intimate and authentic selves, and to save this planet with the return of Her wisdom, her voice (our voices), her truth, and her Love. 

The medicine I am working with in my current painting and writing/speaking as well is "Speak Out. Speak Your Truth." This is the current message appearing in this yogini of the forest goddess loud and clear.

"Yogini of the Forest, Matongi," work in progress

"Dreaming a New Dream"

She is the lover and the guardian of the forest, it's creatures, and the trees

"Speak out," she beckons, "Before it is too late." 

as I witness the massive tree-cutting for real estate interests we are seeing everywhere today

It is crushing, crushing to my heart. My soul. Wake Up.

In my heart and deep in my soul, I feel that I am bursting at the seams. This continues to be an intensely energetic and emotionally clearing, healing and shifting year. 

I see Her message reaching many of us, and I am witnessing many reflections of the conscious and empathic (highly sensitive) person and soul speaking out. This world is in crisis and the time is really Now. To come forward and bring our most authentic Selves and gifts as medicine to this shared and sacred world of ours, it needs it so very much.

Coming out and coming forward with our truths happens via the force that is the fierce and loving Divine Feminine. She is the force, the fierce mother in us all, and She will not be caged or marginalized any longer.

Inspiration for today. 

Russell Brand, an Empath speaking out. 


note: as previously blogged, I'm pretty much wrapping things up here @AwakenedJourney. and stepping into my next new roles and dharmic callings as they slowly and perfectly reveal themselves (aren't we all). If you'd like to read/follow/share some more, please find me on FB! ... with so much love ~~ :) 

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