Soul Lessons' and Senator Teddy Kennedy

About 6 years ago when my health was in a really bad way I contacted a woman who I had read about in a morning newspaper. This woman had lived with the same illness I was dealing with and had recovered after 5 years. I bought her book and after buying some supplements from her received a beautiful hand-written letter. She told me that my illness was a 'contract' arranged by myself before birth. I am an open-minded person and although it didn't make a lot of sense to me I accepted her comment as her truth. Over the past few years I have read Caroline Myss' work and also studied 'A course in miracles' and now seeing my illness as a contract or assignment (as acim would word such an event) makes such perfect sense. Having this awareness it is very easy to see other people's contracts and observe how they manage them.

Watching the funeral of Teddy Kennedy on the news channel on Saturday I was able to see that although he had been given such difficult tasks and challenges throughout his life; he had played the game of life admirably. Having 2 brothers' assasinated at such a young age in the glare of the public gaze he took on the role of uncle/friend to his 13 neices' and nephews'. On the day he walked one of his neice's down the aisle and gave her away to her groom his son was waiting for him in hospital. On the eve of the wedding his oldest son then aged 12 was to go through the devastating plight of an amputation after cancer ravaged his legs. Teddy rushed to the hospital to be with him before the operation. Together they set about new political reforms for disabled people in the USA.
Teddy's younger son Patrick lives with a mental health problem and found short-term refuge in addiction. Together they set about bringing awareness and help for others' living with the same stigma.
Teddy was widowed at a relatively early age and the wife he throught he'd grow old with never got to see old age. He remarried and the last 15 years of his life saw him with a woman who loved him.
It is no wonder to me that a man as amazing and powerful as President Obama stood in awe at the magnificence of a man as resillient as the late Senator Teddy Kennedy. It seems that no matter how tough life can be it's our attitude and the way we choose to play the deck of cards we've been given is what's important in the end.

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Comment by Maria on September 3, 2009 at 9:15am
It's great to be able to share this stuff with you Alexa. Your comment about Obama's boundry with Mrs Kennedy seems to be something he's very skilled at. Recently when he travelled to France I noticed how he handled the lovely but clearly flirtatious first Lady, Carla Sarkozy. She kind of lunged forward laughing playfully and gave him a big hug and he stayed very much in his centre. He has a huge sense of what's appropriate. You mentioned the word gracious when describing his behaviour and I think he smacks of grace and integrity. Obama's sister was married to an english man and around the time of the elections in America this man was interviewed quite a lot. He had so much respect for his ex-brother-in-law. He said that the president had massive emotional intelligence and also a great sense of humour. I know we'll discuss this more in the future. It's so good to have someone of our generation who we respect and admire.

Much love to you,

Maria x
Comment by Alexa on September 2, 2009 at 2:40pm
I caught only the tail-end of Obama's speech. But I did see him set a lovely clear boundary w/Mrs. Kennedy. She "waved" him to join her when the procession was leaving the church. He graciously put up his hand as if to say "thank you, but this is your moment." Great boundary setting at a sacred time.

I did however catch Ted Kennedy's service the night before. Friends and senators were sharing stories, moments, memories, and reviewing witty and special things he said and did. It was uplifting and a beautiful tribute/celebration of his personality. What a great thing to do and share.

A newscaster here said about him: "Yes, he was flawed. But he went on to live his life and do so many things. This is the mark of a true hero." There was alot to learn in watching all this.
Comment by Maria on September 2, 2009 at 8:55am
Well it takes an inspirational person to know inspirational writing is all I can add :-)
Over the past few months I've been hearing small pockets of information about Tedddy Kennedy and have been very impressed by the way he's handled some of the cruelest soul lessons. Of course like all of us he certainly wasn't perfect. He was human and flawed and made mistakes in his younger days (as all humans do). But he rectified all that with maturity and gained the respect of so many great people.
Not for the first time I was bowled over by the magnificent speech given by President Obama at the funeral. Maybe we'll get to find out some of his flaws' in time - but for now all I can percieve is his beaufiful bright light.

Comment by Alexa on September 1, 2009 at 7:11pm
dear Maria. You are so eloquent, insightful and your writing here is an inspiration to me. Thank you for this wonderful post. is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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