The mystical experiences moves man to look deeply inside oneself for answers regarding our purpose in life, besides many other important questions regarding our eternal soul. Such experiences require the aid of our spiritual essence in order to count with a reliable divine perspective. There have been a lot of books written throughout centuries, but these contributions just have scratched its surface. Each one of us must do our very best to go beyond this surface and we do it by rediscovering learning by discovery.

Each one of us needs to find first the golden key which will open the gates to lead to a much happier and productive living. Happy living is like a very powerful magnet attracting Harmonious Inspirations. These inspirations allow us to appreciate powerful creative forces which can raise our loving consciousness. Counting with this virtue we can achieve great victories on our long mystical path. Our soul personality starts to cast a guiding light right in front of our daily walking during our dark nights. The wonderful phenomenon is that by doing so we share our light with others at all levels. Our light can be felt even at opposite sites on our planet. Our empathy is now a sublime characteristic which allow us to make a stop on our path and help those less fortunate than us. Every time we do this we are praising God. We don’t need to attain perfection to be able to love and help others. In spite of our many faults and mistakes we can make life easier to many people including ourselves.

As days, weeks, months and years pass by we become the vessel to receive a rare spiritual blessing. Our minds obtain amounts of spiritualization. This new action permits us the comprehension of eternal spiritual laws. Suddenly we don’t see ourselves as human beings having some spiritual experiences, but as spiritual beings having many human experiences. We then do our best to allow our soul personality to manifest its amazing skills and attributes!

As my spiritual experiences are gladly shared also yours are needed by us. Dare to share all your mental-spiritual abilities. Please forget all about what many people would think wrongly about you. Think about a few people you will help by always being sincere and truthful .Each one of us has wonderful spiritual gifts to offer. As we have the courage to be creative and share we will feel indeed needed by others. Please dare to comment on my contributions.

With true brotherly love and comprehension

Ezerquiel Rodríguez Saldíavar.



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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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