So THAT'S why I can't breathe: When illness has physical roots

Healing is physical also. With so much emphasis today on the deeper meanings of physical ailments and the holistic, emotions-cause-illness lessons of the day, we might sometimes forget that dis-ease can also be caused by physical factors.

Myself, I have done so much inner healing, and yes, there are improvements in my overall health related to this that I know will only continue. However, I had been noticing over the past year that as my inner world and my CNS have been getting better, my physical capacity has been getting weaker. (the CNS injury I suffered, btw, was also caused by physical factors - a dangerous prescription drug, although it could be likened to being part of the inner healing work as the reason I tried it was for a debilitating PTSD episode.) In any case, over time, as I've been noticing a wonderful healing in my CNS, I've been noticing a decline in the overall health of my body, and in particular, my breathing capacity.

I was diagnosed with auto-immune thryoid disease about 6 years ago. I learned that the auto-immune system can be set off by a trauma, or, when too many environmental toxins accumulate in the body and get lodged in the cells. The auto-immune system may try to attack the toxins, and because they become lodged in the tissue cells, the tissues actually become the target of the attack.

Now, I have had victim-of-attack issues in my family, so is that related on an even deeper, cosmic level? Can't say for certain. But can say for certain this:

I know for certain that even masters of consciousness, or enlightenment, get sick. The Buddah has gotten sick (or so I've read). Very enlightened monks have gotten sick. And, for example, one of my teachers, a Master by the name of don Miguel Ruiz (a toltec shaman who wrote the books "The Four Agreements" and "The Mastery of Love" among others) was also in recovery for many years from a severe health problem.

And, I have been tested for heavy metals, and do have over-load. As well as a guided teacher Pema Chodron also having environmental illness and she for 15 years. She's doing better with time as well. Also, when she met her greatest teachers duirng this period. In any case,

So why do Enlightened masters also get ill, if it is "all" emotional?

It's not.

We are microcosims of the macrocosm. As the Earth has become more and more polluted, even the atmoshphere has had diffucultites flushing out those toxins. From the Earth. The water. The air. And the ozone layers. We are suffering from global warming. And incomprehenseable toxic messes that need to be cleaned up. And yes, it will take effort, and lots of it. Thank goodness we are finally living in the days where that will be happening. But so too is it true for our own bodies.

I have been having difficulty breathing for a long time now, and most recently, it has gotten pretty severe. I even went to the ER a few weeks ago b/c I felt like I was going to pass out. I told the docs I couldn't breathe. They did a chest x-ray, and the rest was testing my heart. My heart checked out ok. So why, I asked, am I having such a hard time breathing?

Most doctors won't do it for you. You gotta do it for yourself. Figure it out, that is. I get so enraged over this. But it's often true. They have no clue what to do, and act instead like you are the one with the problem....which you ARE, of course! (lol). But it's not in your head. You know your body. And you know what's going with you. It gets back to that intuition thing.

So, I am saying at the same time, something isn't right in my home. There is something toxic here. Something is making me more sick.

And my hubby, he's getting headaches and a swollen throat.

My inner alarm is going off. (Women, especially, have this. But men have it too, if they cultivate it.) It's goes back to that intuition thing. TRUST it.

Anyway, long story short, we find a water leak from a burst pipe a few days ago. Water is gushing, and we call the plumber. The plumber comes, and guess what he sees while he is in the crawl space fixing the busted pipe?....He notices that the exhaust from the hot water heater is disconnected from the vent that should be carrying the fumes outdoors. The exhaust has been coming into the house!

So, that's why I can't breathe.

Well, I'll be careful with my word choice and say this instead: that's why I've been having difficulties with my breathing capacity. Probably also a cause of why I have been so weak, unable to move at times, and exhausted also. And my hubby's headaches? Well, we'll probably be seeing them improve also now that we are having the problem remedied.

So. The point again is this. Sometimes there are physical causes for illness, too. Don't forget or fail to address them. Remember to cleanse your body regularly. And that healing is physical too.

And btw, give thanks for everything. Even a burst pipe could be something that saves your life, your health, or helps you in some other yet unseen way. It may have been expensive, but I am thanking my Angels for that water leak!

Be well today.

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