When I look for silence,
I find silence
Inside my soul.

When I look for my soul,
I find my soul
Inside my silence.

Silence, silence, silence.
Silence awakens the sleeping seeker in me.
Silence enlightens the aspiring seeker in me.
Silence fulfils the self-giving seeker in me.
Silence, silence, silence.

Sound and silence are two Vision-Realities of God.
Silence is the cry of Eternity.
Sound is the smile of Infinity

An ordinary man thinks either that silence cannot be achieved or that it is of no avail.
But a seeker knows that silence can be achieved on the strength of his inner cry.
He also knows that silence is of tremendous importance,
for without silence we cannot see the face of Truth or grow into the very image of Truth and Light.

Silence tells the seeker in us to love, to love himself.
It tells us it is wrong to hate ourselves because of our imperfections.
When the seeker loves himself, loves the Divine within himself,
he eventually realises the Ultimate Truth.

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Comment by Sarah Sunny on June 30, 2010 at 5:08pm
Thank you, Marianne! Silence is golden in more ways than one...and here's wishing you and Paul a Happy Canada Day!!
Comment by Marianne on June 30, 2010 at 9:22am
Hi Sarah:
I LOVE this! And Happy Canada Day to you.


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