Signing off ~ Beauty in this World & A Practice for You

Amid the intensity of the world today

Keep these words in mind.

Only Consciousness is Real (Love).

All else is .. illusion (aka impermanent).

Ours is a world in undeniable crisis

But there are millions of joining people coming together too

in unprecedented numbers from every corner of the globe

standing and gathering together for justice truth and sanity,

lifting our collective voice with intent to usher in a new and natural order

that honors life over profit

humanity over fear and prejudice

and respect honor and decency over ignorance, patriarchy and egoic mass destruction.

We are called upon and enacting for the reinstatement of the Feminine Principles & Presence

to heal and balance a world that has been lost in patriarchal degradation

and self annihilation without Her

There is an Awakening going on on this Planet

But you know that

As we travel forward through this maze of haze and unfathomable reflections,

though days may overwhelm and nights may pass restlessly in disbelief and heightened concern,

you can care for your empathic truth-seeking nervous system and resonant heart

By settling your breath, going within, and by remembering why you have come.

You were made for these moments, though it will feel for awhile like anything but.

Remember this practice when you need to take back your power and mind

from an imbalanced patriarchal old dream that is breaking apart at its seams

It can set you free

(even and especially in the darkest of times)

Look for the beauty in the world

Look for the beauty in the world.

Just keep looking and looking . Just keep looking until you see it.


signing off feeling wobbly with what we are approaching in the united states of america

and around the world tonite

yet in gratitude to the All for the profound blessing and gift that it is

to be incarnated at this exciting and critical moment, the Potential for the Great Turnaround on planet Earth

In the Great Experiment of human free will

of and with the love of the sacred living-breathing Soul we know as Mother, Earth

(Her love is beyond comprehension)

with hope for the love of the collective Soul of the world 

and to The Awakened Feminine Heart

I'm signing off site looking into Beauty and In Lak'Ech,

"I Am (as "we" and "they" all are) another You"

Jan 20 . 2017

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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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