I have worked so hard to manifest a "beautiful life".  There were many times I wanted to quit.   Many times I felt like a failure and wanted to give up.  Many times, I actually gave up.  But I always came back to the life I wanted to create.  Reaffirming my visions, wants and desires.  What else was there to do?  I can't very well lie down and give up on life.  So each time I hit the bottom, I tirelessly rolled over and stood back up.


Now, like a ship emerging from the fog.  Slowly, I see things falling into place.  I know the life I envisioned is being created.  The Universe is lining things up.  The ship in the fog is carrying my "beautiful life" in it's hull, much like a treasure. I don't want to wait! I want to run out into the waves.  I want to swim into the fog to get to my "beautiful life" faster.  But I know in doing so, I would get lost in the fog and run the risk of losing the ship and my "beautiful life".


So .......


I must wait patiently, on the shore, for the ship to fully emerge and deliver my "beautiful life".  I will wait in Joy and anticipation that it will finally be mine.  I will relax in the waiting.  I am calm.  I am focused.  I do the things I must to prepare for the arrival of my "beautiful life".


I have not forgotten that my "beautiful life" is not a destination.   It is a really big celeration on my journey.  My journey has taken me through a really dark period where I learned a lot about myself and lots of lessons were learned..  Now the darkness is over and I'm preparing for the rest of my journey.  One in which I choose joy, laughter and love.


And I know there will be more darkness again.  But I also know that my Treasure Ship will always emerge from the fog.


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