Shifting into the New with this month's New Moon

My medicine stones. They live on the windowsill of my healing/meditation room. I love to work here and feel aligned and grateful, and so incredibly joyful when Spirit lets me do this work. One of my intentions this fall is that Spirit opens greater channels for me to do my work.
Namaste to all of you who are coming out now and integrating into the world as who you truly are ... After a powerful summertime shift and clear, this week's new moon is the perfect time to step into what you are wanting to bring out in your life as this active fall begins.
What new goal or dream do you want to bring into form this fall? Write it down, and open/offer it during this week's New moon.
~ Enjoy!
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This beautiful large polished snakeskin jasper found it's way into my medicine bag last weekend. Actually my Eric bought it for me. I felt and fell in love with it right away and have been working with it for the past several days. It is very grounding, root chakra color, great for blood building and circulation. The entire Jasper family is always wonderful for physical healing. And I love the name as I have definitely been shedding my old skin. After a powerful and hardcore summertime of energetic clearing and now integrating into the new, "Snakeskin" Jasper is perfect for me. 

Two most recent mesa stone additions. Included is a large raw chunk of rose quartz, the mothering stone and great nurturer, it is perfect for me also as I continue to focus on nourishing my heart and physical wellbeing this year. It brings such soft but strong and powerfully female energy to the room. Great for soothing empaths and other highly sensitive souls. 


Virgo NEW MOON is here bringing into alignment and integration all we have been learning and growing into. We have been going through some deep shifts as we birth our new selves into being, shedding our skins in favor of more authentic forms… read more


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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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