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Like everything worth in this life there are important foundations to be followed first and then developed. The main one is to have self-discipline. Please notice that any subject to be mastered requires our mind and our heart to work together. Emotion in reading, studying and thinking is required in meaningful learning. We are taught that our mind is at our service, so our first lessons deal with his topic. We are told that in order to understand our spiritual world we need to first understand our physical world. Observation and discovery are the heart of any kind of knowledge. Regarding my observation techniques and intentional thinking I discovered something amazing: What took me seven years to develop I have found a formula which reduces this time to just a dozen of months.

There are no short cuts to effective learning. I’ve compared this special training with when we learn a second language. A good number of hours must be spent before we realize we can continue learning using our own personal techniques, to me instead of dividing a language into three stages; basic, intermediate and advance.  It should be divided into two; basic and intermediate. The advanced section is usually self-taught.

I need your cooperation on this. By spending just three months using this methodology, cold facts will demonstrate to you how easy and enjoyable it is to achieve this. As you are enrolled you will just need to commit yourself to observe for twenty minutes; for instance by choosing one color to be scanned, filed and recalled for each twenty minute session, this simple task will discipline your mind.

Month one will be spending combining color selection. Month two is used in shape and perspective and month three using our imagination we will be able to combine colors, shapes and material of which things are made of.

Please keep me posted


You can ask sister Ja-LEN-Jones about these results.

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