DEC/27/’11; Moon in Aquarius

 What does meditation mean? To me, it mainly means the ability to be able to find our personal spiritual path. This special path will lead us to the top of the Divine Illumination Mountain.

    It is right after finding our personal spiritual path that we discover that there are many similar, but at the same time different paths taking us to the same summit. It would be a wonderful idea not to turn to see how others are climbing up, neither how attractive their paths seem to us. Let’s focus on our path. Our discoveries, our lessons learned our efforts and achievements.

   As we have walked some distance going up on this path, we soon realize the amazing beauty our path is. Step by step we start to have a glimpse of the magnificent golden gates waiting for our arrival. We get driven by our immediate future by enjoying our eternal present moments. How beautiful our life is. How blind we were.

  What shall we do in order to obtain excellent results on each of our meditations? To firmly believe that in a gradual manner the eternal truths will illuminate our minds and at the same time be sheltered in our loving hearts.  These eternal truths emerge by enjoying their daily experiences and discoveries being always grateful to God.

 To meditate on a daily basis will become part of our daily habits. Most times it even will become much more important than having our meals. Slowly our master within will offer us beautiful insights about the wonderful moments attained in previous lives. These moments will become very motivational to keep on walking on our sacred path.



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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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