Shamanic practices: How to use plants and ritual to listen, connect with other dimensions and heal

Plant Medicine: How to use plants and ritual to listen, connect with other dimensions and heal.

Story from Flower Essence Society (FES)


Client Asks: My friend has a wonderful plant that she has been growing for quite some time. She has just experienced a traumatic divorce from an abusive husband, and now the plant is blooming for the first time in many years, coincidentally, now that this man is gone. I was wondering if I should try and make an essence for her from the plant, and wish to know your opinion regarding my idea.


FES: It is wonderful to be in touch with your friend and to support her on the soul level during a time when she is finding the strength to change her life. Plants definitely respond to our soul environment, and send us messages in this way. Recently I heard from a friend who experienced an unusual flowering of a plant in her garden after her mother died. She went on to commune with this plant, and through its vehicle, to connect with her mother’s soul in another dimension.


You can certainly make a medicine from this plant if it feels right for you — of course that’s your choice. Since you are asking for our opinion, we would clarify that Dr. Bach’s original work involved the cosmic signatures of each plant in concert with the four elements. So this is why they were all made at the typical blooming time in spring or summer and outdoors in the natural habitat—where there was not only one unusual bloom, but a whole community of plants, with many blossoms. Each of the four elements would be in a strong condition of harmony—sun, earth, water, air — as one finds most especially during the spring and summer in our hemisphere. This creates an archetypal medicine that can be used broadly.


We do not know what plant you mean, or how many blossoms it has — whether it is a single plant or community of them, etc. But keep in mind, that in addition to making a plant medicine, per se, there are other ways to set up a route of communication and healing. This would be especially important if there are only a few blossoms on the plant and you might not want to disturb its delicate and solitary condition. Prayers and ritual and various forms of meditation can be established in concert with the plant and is location near you. For example, my friend created a stone circle around her plant and made ritual offerings to the plant spirit (tobacco and corn). Then she set in the circle a picture of her mother, a favorite piece of jewelry from he mother, and a candle her mother had in her room as her spirit passed over. She came to the circle on a regular basis and began to receive via the plant deva, wonderful messages from her mother.


So, the bottom line is — use your intuition in partnership with your friend. This plant is definitely speaking something to your friend. By doing this, you will know the right way to proceed and the right healing technique to use to access the plant's message.


Also if you do not have Eliot Cowan’s book "Plant Spirit Medicine," I strongly suggest reading it now or in the future. It outlines many wonderful ways to work with the higher dimension of plants.


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