Setting our Dreaming Mind for the New Year ~ Dreaming a New Year 2015. Tips for setting New Years Intentions:

1. Begin the New Year with a clean slate. Forgive.

A great way to begin any new year is to let go of the year and years that have already gone by. Create a forgiveness practice or ritual this week. Imagine anyone or anything that has harmed you or that is blocking you from feeling free and light in this new moment. Forgive the past, forgive the others, and forgive yourself. You don't have to go back to old harmful people or patterns this year, but you do need to let go of the past to be free. Of course, it's a practice. But create an activity or ritual this week where you imagine everyone who has harmed you since early and forgive them, sincerely. It's time. And it's the best foundation for cleaning the soil where your new seeds can and will be planted.

2. Create or Identify your New Years Fondest Intention.

Now that your soil has been cleansed and prepared, and in honor of your heart's deepest callings, take some time this week to really feel into what you would like the New Year to be and bring into your life this year. Ask yourself, "what is my deepest heart's desire for this special year?" Honor this as a sacred ritual to bring love to yourself and those you love at this potent new time of year. Be willing to look beneath the surface to identify the real core seed of what would bring you the most happiness this year. Hint: Yoginis know there is a magical difference between "I will" and "Thy will." Sink deeply into your feeling/being dream this year.  

3. Begin to dream it ~ Feel it, Paint it, Dance it, Sing it

Once you have your true heart's desire identified, use your heart's happiest imagination and begin to imagine and *feel* how it would feel to have this true heart's desire today. Continue to sit (or dance, move or sing, whatever moves you in the moment) by your altar or in your sacred place and like a true prayer ceremony, begin bringing that heart's desire closer to your being by imagining how it would feel if it were already real. Imagine. Smile. And let yourself enjoy. As you continue with this practice over time, add some creativity. As you move forward this month, follow any impulses to paint, write, dance, sing or sketch your dreams as you see/feel them happening too. But begin the process of dreaming by feeling your heart's desires and intentions for you and those you love this year. This is the Art of Dreaming. Imagination can be a wonderful practice for your meditations this year as well. It's a powerful time and new season to plant some seeds. Reflect, imagine, and en-joy.

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