Since I was a child, I dared to imagine my heart and my mind, this dynamic duo, working together to solve the world’s problems. To me the solutions were very simple to be achieved. It was after a long spiritual search that I was able to find a basic chanting formula very effective to turn on the inner wisdom stored in the core of my being, something which balances these two spiritual gifts into a dynamic Unity. Here is such formula:


  Visualize your pineal body as you pronounce this affirmation three times, then do the same with your pituitary gland, but now pronounce KARAMARA-KARAMARA.

Next visualize your third eye and pronounce also three times:


Then your thyroid gland pronouncing three times “


  Finish visualizing your heart and pronouncing there times once more:


  The meditate for a few minutes imagining that right from the middle of your chest a fragrant smell of roses emanates from a huge red rose. This rose is full of dew drops, plus a bright pink color that surrounds you totally; next cover your whole room with the smell and color being suggested.

  To finish face eastwards bow three times where a Divine sign raises tall and majestic. Say a silent prayer to the God of you understanding and pronounce with your heart: “Om namaha shivaya” 


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