My daughter, 20 months old, was in the bath tub one day and soon became fretful and upset. She started crying and saying her word (panting) for dog. I asked her if there was a problem with our dog. She shook her head "yes". I asked her if the dog had jumped the fence. (something the dog had been doing lately) She shook her head "yes". I grabbed a towel and the baby and ran out of the room to check on our dog. Our Great Pyrenees had indeed jumped the fence because of the high snow. Our dog was no where in sight. My daughter kept crying, insisting that we get in the car to go find her. Being the only family members home, we did. And we did find our dog. But how did my 20 month old know the dog had jumped? This is just one example of the special abilities I find among my children every day. Perhaps this story sounds familiar to you.

There are many of us today who realize the unique differences our children have and hope to allow them to become messengers or follow their karmic path for the benefit of our world. Perhaps you have or know of a child in need of some "sacred schooling". I invite you to come with me on this journey. Sacred Schooling: A Curriculum to Guide Our New Humanity is one way that we can encourage our children to do create a bridge to link their spiritual selves to their physical selves. I was inspired to write Sacred Schooling by my 5 homeschooled children. They were discovering things about themselves and had questions that couldn't be answered with other schooling resources that are currently available.

Sacred Schooling is a week by week spiritual curriculum guide and handbook for homeschoolers or as a supplement for those in formal schools. Sacred Schooling is based on soul level learning. Our children need to become connected to themselves on a soul level before they can work as a collective to bring forth an enlightened society. There will be a year's worth of captivating lessons that can easily be adapted for all ages and levels. The handbook gives simple descriptions of topics such as "Understanding Chakras" for those new in their spiritual journey. Sacred Schooling is not connected with any religion. The religions of the world have had great masters, leaders and followers; however, the reoccurring theme among them is to have introspection in order to create love among ourselves and humanity. Sacred Schooling helps to develop this introspection and is the Curriculum Guide the world and our new humanity has been waiting for.

This is for a book I am writing that is in a contest, and if I win my book will become published. To learn more and to vote for my book, visit:

If you are interested and want to learn more about Sacred Schooling, please contact me at I offer all those who take the time to cast a vote for me a free sample lesson to be given at the end of the competition from my book by emailing me at the above address. You can also find out more by visiting my blog or joining the Sacred Schooling Ning

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Comment by Alexa on April 15, 2010 at 2:48pm
This is absolutely wonderful! would be happy to give you a vote!!
Thanks for sharing. :) is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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