This is my disclaimer on my story as it is not factual but it is something that I was deeply thinking into it, so please read this with a very open Awareness...enjoy as well(+)
Reading into Jesus Christ(+)*

This is not a factual story but based on my own opinion as I read into what I see about a man that lived 2000(+) years ago.
I have always been intrigued about avatars and teachers that know of a way to leave the Objective world and can only imagine the kind of life they live that we cannot get to. Well I am only an expert to my Subjective Reality and I believe this is how they live especially my take on Jesus Christ.
I guess every so often when there is a felt in Awareness that final collapse is in the cards for the outside world which I call Objective Reality. By my definition of Objective Reality is an outside world that is an illusion we try to create and maintain as we do not know the forces that can take it away with as we nourish it and maintaining it with the exception of ourselves. In other words we see more good in something outside us than something inside. What I call becoming a slave to our ego, instead becoming the master of the Temple.
Now in the days of Jesus as I read and heard, was a man of such Great Enlightenment to become His personal Kabbalah and ascend to the next level of the Highest Consciousness known to man. As to where He got His teachings, some say India and some say China or possibly both, even as well as coming across to see Native American tribes. He came back a different man. As also reading books or verses in scripture the words to me are someone elses watered down version of how, at the time, suppress people as to seek monetary gain and to become the authority as at the time that is what their egos wanted. I feel something is missing when somebody writes something as to me books and writings are someone elses opinion and do not keep it as truths. Case in point this writing I am doing right Now...It is my own writing and experience. Oh well enough gibberish and get back to Jesus.
Here was a man with all the wisdom and charisma and shown something to man/woman to open themselves up. Now as He is doing this, everyone around does not know He is living an Subjective Reality as this man is inward as communicating to His Spirit. So He is going from town to town spreading His Gospel on how life really is and to break away from man/woman's bondage of ego forever. People see this and cannot believe a being exists as He draws them closer to Him
Now in my belief this man loves everyone but He is trying to show them as to give a man a fish, he eats. But to teach him to fish, he eats for life...As He travels He senses that people do not get the message and view Him as an object, hence Objective Reality, as to hold on to a prize. He reverts inward and meditates and figures the only way to break this bondage is to show mankind His love for them by committing Himself to death. As He knows the fulfillment of God the everlasting life God promises Him. So in the process He turns against His own people and has His own people disown Him.
Now, if everyone has read the book, The Da Vinci Codes by Dan Brown, or seen the movie you will probably get a sense of what I am to say next. As some to believe that is a fictional book as others to see a truth. Well, I am going to cross the line and say I agree with the truth only because I read into what Jesus Christ said at the Last Supper.
Raised as a Roman Catholic and then converted to Methodist and then reading the into the Torah, as my great grandmother on my mother side was a Jew that escaped Nazi Austria in around 1933 before Hitler went there. I also studied Zen Buddhism and narrowed it down to Zen Philosophy but enough of that as I get back on track. For many years as a Catholic, I said to myself, "What? Take bread and give this to you and eat from it. Take wine and drink from it and the cup of Eternal Everlasting Life?" It sounds like a life of getting drunk and becoming overweight....What does that mean? It always puzzled me on how someone can keep suppressing you the same old same old and cannot explain it. But the movie The Da Vinci Codes reads it well.
As of a couple weeks ago standing by the copier at work with a toothpick in my mouth an idea came across me about this. Jesus said as Mary Magdalene was His wife seated on the right side of Him,"Take this bread and eat from it. This is my body to be given up to you. Do this in remembrance of Me." Likewise as He took the cup of wine and said "Take this and drink from it. This is my blood to be shed for you as to a New and Everlasting Covenant." Now as I read into it he did not give a final thanks to food and drink, His hidden message to me is, He was intimate with Mary Magdalene and gave His body and blood (semen) up to an Objective Reality as He was to know what His fate was here on earth. In the process He would have offspring in the world as to teach people through the ages to become subjective with themselves and touch the kingdom of Heaven within. This is what He meant by the New and Everlasting Covenant. Now I know this is controversial but let it be the way it stays then. To me it is written as my opinion and mine alone. As to why the Knights Templars either knew about His offspring or where on the trail to find them.
My opinion is, that religions still view the man as an object and do not search within themselves to find the Kingdom within as He prescribed all of us to do but that is my view on Him. Next He has children in the world that no one knows about because people are to busy finding remedies for all the ills of the Universe as to be left up to the Greatest Quantum Mechanic ever into being...GOD/HIGHER INTEL/SOURCE. As said view Christ as already inside of yourself and believe you are saved and liberated from your ego rather than an object awaiting for salvation from outside yourself. As He said the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE and the TRUTH He was talking about is the Spirit that was always within as you are finally liberated from you ego and Objective Reality.
I hope you enjoy this blog as well as I wrote it and remember it is my own experience and opinion. Seek within and you will see you truly are.
DOM* COLUCCI(33)+ 777 , ps the picture that is featured is a painting my father painted many years ago in the 1960's as this man suffered the pangs of his own mental hell and had to be pay dearly for it in the last part of his life as he dies even worse than he lived with adema carcinoma, but from this painting it one time illuminated so brightly when he was deep in his depression as to say that Christ was talking to us to have Him take our burden away from us and to show us His Light Eternally..and to this day it has been that way with Love....I LOVE YOU you were always my hidden teacher,Thanks.

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Comment by Dominic on January 3, 2010 at 4:18pm
Thanks Alexa....I always thought of the Soul in this manner with the I Now know that the depthness of ones suffering and sorrow this in essence actually pushes the Soul into the physical being of wanting the Soul that much more and the Soul understands this as it gets near its Kabbalah we call these layers kelipots as the vail of ignorance is slowly removed and the beauty of God's Light(Keter) is there waiting for us...enjoy Dearest Soul Angel of God(+)
Comment by Alexa on January 3, 2010 at 1:08pm
gosh Dom, well that is (was) not an easy path for you, the son. But how beautiful you can share this tribute to your father's art, and of your own path to Wholeness/Truth despite a great challenge. I honor the love and light in you, my friend! and the transcending! Keep shining.
Comment by Dominic on January 3, 2010 at 1:45am
Thanks father was a very brilliant and intelligent man but he suffered from many years of schizophrenia and had deep darkest moments of depression with violence but he still had a past time with his sketches and paintings as he was once offered to work for Hallmark Greeting his latter years he and my mom after 14 years of separation finally divorced....he worked for DOT in New York State as a draftsman that drew roads and trestles for bridges before they went up with the approval of the city, town or village....he died in July of 1999 with adema carcinoma and we went back to see him to pay our respect as he was still our hidden teacher(I learned life on my own with the help of no one but myself and the Universe that provided all for me, but his guidance helped me into my subjective reality and ZEN)...enjoy Dearest Soul Angel of God and as said thanks(+)
Comment by Alexa on January 2, 2010 at 10:42pm
wow Dom, and that painting by your father is amazing and beautiful. I confess I'll have to re-read it more slowly when I am not distracted by my dinner bell having just gone off. But I had a chance to browse and I am in agreement with the relationship/union btw Mary Magdelena and Jesus. And sources I have read also support the possibility they had children. In any case, enjoyed this and viewing this truly beautiful painting also. namaste. is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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