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To ascribe a name to God
Is to limit your awareness of God.

Be charitable to proselytizers, they are well-meaning foot solders in the battle against evil. Unfortunately, the collateral damage in this war is immense. Those who are on the path of awakening and enlightenment need not participate. Early on, the true seeker has discovered that the great work is self-realization and the preferred way to fight evil if we must, is with good.Do not judge the actions or beliefs of another but rather if you feel the need, look at yourself. Does the felt need to “fix” another arise from the need to share some great joy you have experienced or do you perceive a problem in another that you simply must repair? Sometimes the only motive for such action is the need to validate beliefs that were given to us by another and we are simply repeating the process.The teacher is within and the truth is within. To interfere in the dialog of self to soul is non-useful to all involved and should be discouraged. Dogma and doctrine are burdens that will eventually be discarded. They are the false foundation from which arises the destructive behavior of the zealot. You cannot give away that which you do not have and creating barriers for one who is sincerely “on the path” is not a fruitful way to achieve karmic balance if that is your goal.As the omnipotence of Divine love flows through you to another, the appropriate result will follow. The soul that needs what you have to offer will be drawn unto you. Each soul chooses the path that fulfills the needs of their destiny. Give freely of that which is truly yours.Words and phrases with meanings more apparent than real prove to be inadequate in the quest for awakening; proselytizers tend to use them as passwords to identify believers and non-believers. The resulting sense of belonging affords comfort and security to some and they may find temporary solace in the comfort of community. In the realms to which we aspire, they will be nothing more than quaint artifacts of this earthly existence.For those who choose to sleepwalk through this marvelous experience, rest in peace, for there is no loss in the spiritual realm. Lethargy however (passive fear) does not afford us the joy we seek and will prove to be non-useful to those on the path.The master Jesus is said to have told his disciples to go forth and spread the good news. He did not write a handbook for proselytizers. He did embody the good news and for some that is enough, for others it is incomprehensible. “You have been with me so long and yet you know me not”. To spread the good news is not possible if we do not have the good news. Sadly, Jesus is perhaps the most talked about and least understood being ever to incarnate on this earth.Avoid any proselytizing message that rests on a base of fear. It is a plague and has no place in the spiritual quest. Observe the process used by those who would manipulate you. First, you are made fearful and then, lo and behold, a way to ameliorate your fears is presented to you. Simple isn’t it.Awaken yourself from the deep slumber. When you awaken, you discover that the life you have been living is as an incoherent dream, perhaps useful as a topic of conversation but utterly irrelevant to that adventure you will one-day experience. The task of releasing old ideas, those that do not serve you well, must be undertaken.Examine your beliefs for their genesis. Review the moment when they first came to you. Ask yourself, do they still have the same significance. Ask yourself, have I been given a Trojan horse?Judge not, beginning with yourself. You have already been judged and found to be perfect. Observe yourself honestly, fearlessly and unceasingly. There is that within you which knows.The truth, your truth, will come to you only from your higher self, your soul. Others may speak the truth, you hear the words and you may resonate to them, this is good. However, your truth comes from within. Those moments, long awaited, are received as the fresh breath of liberation and you realize that you have met your liberator, your soul.There are those who search for arcane mysteries in obscure passages of sacred literature in order to feign great wisdom. Their motives are suspect, for all the while the great truths for which the heart yearns, go unnoticed. Intellectualism is a similar process. Have they totally overlooked the words of the master? Did he not say “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and these things shall be added unto you”? The kingdom of heaven is here and now, it is to be found within, it is the Christ-consciousness, the knowledge of who you truly are. Ernest contemplation will be endlessly rewarded.

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