It would be a wonderful and practical idea if everybody can follow the next exercise.

It is by creating first an inner bright white color being in a special cylinder with a meter radius from the floor we are to six inches above our heads when we succeed in creating a powerful magnet attracting this bright white color. Let’s remember that the combination of seven colors make this white color.


Sit down facing eastwards and start creating a circle around you by beginning in front of you drawing it from right to left. Imagine a ninety degree, the continue facing eastwards and with your mind continue drawing this circle ninety degrees to the left side of your body; northwards, next draw another ninety degrees in your back side; westwards, finish the circle by drawing the final ninety degree to the right part of your body; southwards. As soon as you finish creating this circle start creating a crystal cylinder from bottom to six inches above your head. The next step is to start at the bottom filling up this cylinder with a bright white cloud. This white cloud was created from your inner self, so start making this bright white light penetrating each one of your skin cells, next feel this white light affecting your muscle cells, then your veins and arteries, lungs, and heart , the next step is to illuminate with this powerful healing light your bones and joints. Due to be encapsulated this wonderful white light will become a magnet in your aura, so every white object will be scanned and filed in your three levels of mind.

This is an effective journey in which we can help ourselves a lot regarding knowing ourselves, including the mental caliber which will allow us to be sure the consequences of our daily actions.

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