"Peace Around The Campfire" 12/21/08 Age: 33

I think about a bunch of friends sitting around a campfire singing Christmas Carols and holding flashlights to see the music. Most of us are adults and some are kids, but at that moment were all kids. We have music for some songs others we don't. Kind of humming parts of the songs we don't know and singing the parts we know. Some are good singers, others are not, but none of that matters because were having fun. Drinking hot chocolate or Apple Cider and having fun with songs we been singing our whole lives. I guess that's what peace is. Sitting around a campfire and singing and having a good time. Race, gender, background, sexual orientation doesn’t matter. Were all there with a common bond of love, peace and friendship.

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Comment by Alexa on December 21, 2008 at 11:08pm
What a beautiful blog. This has touched me so much. I'm going to go to sleep tonight with visions of this beautiful story in my mind and heart. thank you dlizzard. you are so right. this is what life is really about. how simple. how beautiful. how full of life. hugs.

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