Let’s then, ask questions, the same way, as children do!


  This time I need your mental company to travel in the past to our childhood. I assure you it will be a very rewarding trip.


So, let’s start assuming that most of us are able to remember many useful things from our childhood. We should force ourselves to recall the way we used to asked questions about the world. How for us, there were many simple solutions for it. How difficult it was to convince the grown up world about our very practical solutions. The adult world wouldn’t accept our contributions. Our parents, relatives, and teachers constantly told us to stop living in our fantasy world. How blind these people were. Their black and narrow minds weren’t able to understand that it was due to the early stage of creativity; Fantasy. It was   fantasy in its early stage that later on, everybody was enjoying from the sweet fruits of creative minds. It was fantasy which had birth to imagination, and imagination becoming creative had given birth to many great ideas in great thinkers. These dynamic thinkers found the way to crystallize their inspiration through long and very hard efforts.


 The adults told us that we had to study first, then perform a profession, and then, and only then they might be able to listen to our suggestions. They weren’t aware that we were much nearer to the never ending source of Divine Inspiration, which they were.

They wrongly thought that it was knowledge what we needed. What we had at that time was consciousness. This was enough! Wisdom has always been much more important than   knowledge! An important definition of wisdom is the following: ”WISDOM IS THE CORRECT APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE!”


 Our always wise inner self constantly told us that we knew something without studying it first!

 The bad news is that we’re currently doing to our children, the same hateful things adults did to us. We are ignoring too our children! It’s time to reinforce this article by giving you some cold, but important facts about this article.


  Both men and women, who make it possible for us the enjoyment of so many goods, including current gizmos, these very creative people still recognize that there is still a far way to go, regarding the active commitment and emotional participation on our part. 

   It is right here and right now, that we’re supposed to do something useful about the wide, and dangerous gap existing between, the trained minds those who still don’t posses it yet.

  How on earth can we, by working together, overcome this issue?

Experts say, it is through formal education combined with dynamic programs dealing with different approaches in improving our creative mental processes. They also keep telling us that that civilization doesn’t only mean the conquering of our environment; it also means the mastering, and discipline of man’s own nature.


    The main educational function is, from a wide philosophical point of view, to give people all the acquired knowledge from the past. This special and important knowledge from the past was, still is, and it will continue being truthful and provable. Education should be more idealistic, more stimulant; it should drive us to seek more knowledge possessing pragmatic value. The arduous commentaries, we usually listen from people about life, and our modern educational systems, is that even with the thousands of places doing all kinds of research; doctors, physicists, chemists, engineers on many fields, applied calculus, mathematical equations etc. The majority of these people aren’t aware at all of how their brains work; much less they have a whole idea about their reliable mental processes.


 They still haven’t asked some questions, for example:

a).-Is the human brain able to understand itself?

b).-Can the brain understand the mind?

c).-What kind of relationship exists between brain and mind with consciousness?

d).-Is our brain like a gigantic computer, or it is something else much more complicated?


   Let’s summarize the important points: One of the favorable attitudes to obtain the mastering of critical and reflective thinking is to greatly increase in our school children, and youngsters INTELECTUAL CURIOSITY. Intellectual curiosity is at a very close distance of human thoughts. This applies in kindergartens, as in Physics theories laboratories.

   Both children and great thinkers share this supreme quality, and surely it is the most important factor in any kind of dynamic thought.

 I expect to have aroused your curiosity regarding these amazing topics, and still having a lot more to offer, I say to you all. “Thank you!”







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