Owl Feathers - While hiking with our dogs yesterday I came across these amazing owl feathers. The longest is 33cm/13inches long. They are the most beautiful feathers I have seen. Eric spent some time last night researching them and it seems they are from a maryland great-horned owl. Amazing!

In looking up some owl medicine messages after 2 friends also expressed experiencing owl medicine at this time, this is the site that best summed it up:  http://www.spiritanimal.info/owl-spirit-animal/

I confess it feels a little daunting too as my father is quite ill right now, BUT... I know, I know these special feathers are a powerful gift that is bringing me among other things faith, freedom and clarity within.


This is a moment of clarity and intuitive sight, in so many ways. And not just with my father, but within myself. I am in my own alchemal process too. Of release, forgiveness, and also expanding in consciousness and integrated awareness with the whole. Re my father and with his process I can hold a space of tremendous love and celebration every day. A greater vision of the bigger process of life, death, old age and rebirth and also a space that includes the beauty of the home coming that awaits each and every one of us. I hope this vibration might bring him a sense of serenity and trust, a larger awareness than he may have consciously explored in his lifetime. This does not mean that grief will be or has been a stranger. But I also hold the space of wholeness, healedness and am also experiencing a quickening, and a rebirth. There is a coming home about this message, and the promise of powerful inner change, whether one is coming home to our cosmic divine home or to self on Earth. It's a vision of the All. It's really all beautiful. Yes. There is an amazing awakening happening about. And alot of grounding with this medicine actually too.


I am experiencing some powerful ju-ju. And somehow I am knowing a deep trust and gratitude in my heart. Breathe. Small step. One step at a time.


This is a cosmic, loving and powerful totem. powerful ju-ju on transformation, the potential for the great turnaround, and alchemal change. Good change. Big stuff. Moving with the cycles in life of life and death in endings and new beginnings, in so many ways. So grateful for this gorgeous gift and the love and strength and vision that it brings. 


Here is another view of these great horned owl feathers. I'm glad eric picked up the two smaller ones too pictured here out front. they are gorgeous and a perfect pair of sheer winged beauty. sooo special.






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