Before entering to our next fascinating

sphere, the silver one, let’s consider some important aspects regarding
these new articles. There’s a big difference between reading something
and studying it. The same is also true regarding the great difference
between studying something and using our deep thinking to add something
from our own harvest to it. This is one of the main reasons to strongly
recommend you to do the three actions mentioning our first part of OUR

I do want you to get
as many useful benefits and advantages from each lesson. I know that
the task ahead is not an easy one, but will be time well spent. Aren’t
important things in life difficult to attain? Please don’t be one
of these human beings that stay behind due to a lack of vision. Very
near you, there’s an amazing and wonderful world waiting to be discovered.
Luckily you don’t need any money, neither have you needed a passport.
All it takes is to satisfy our inborn curiosity. Just dare a little
bit, so you can convince yourself how important it is. A lot of unexpected
rewards lay ahead! In the fantastic silver sphere you’ll be able to
be face to face with a world full of positive basic elements.

Your controlled expectation is over. Once again you take out your crystal
key holder, walk towards the copper sphere in order to enter the next
sphere, the bright and mysterious silver sphere., you need to go inside
the copper sphere, so you do it. Then you locate the entrance to the
silver sphere, your silver key is more than ready to be used, you do
it, but the silver door doesn’t open. Next you listen to a silent
whisper informing you to use your special password. You wonder for a
short period of time thinking about this password, then with great assurance
you pronounce your full name, and your date of birth. You give your
place of birth too. The shinning silver door opens. You, without any
hesitation, enter this still mysterious silver sphere. There’s a remarkable
similarity with the copper sphere. There is also a chair right in the
middle of this place. The chair is made of pure silver. It has a comfortable
thick cushion on it. You walk to the chair and sit down. There’s a
dim light enough to see beneath you a source of green light, and above
you, about three feet, a source of blue light. Both lights are turned
off. Your never failing intuition advises you to relax by taking three
deep breaths, so obediently you do it. Then step by step, the green
light at your bottom turns itself on, with each passing moment the light’s
intensity increases. Next it begins to swirl in a counter clock motion.
It has made a perfect circle around you, and is ascending in a very
harmonious manner, making a pleasant humming sound. This bright healing
light is felt throughout your body. First your skin, which is by the
way your largest organ nourishes from this magnificent green light.
Next you feel the healing effects in every muscle, every tendon, joint,
bone, blood in your arteries, blood in your blood vessels. You feel
this wonderful light ascending, so first you feel your feet, ankles,
calves, shins, knees, tights, abdominal area, chest, both arms, neck,
face, forehead, scalp, hair, top of your skull, and this light stops
about ten inches above your head. Three minutes pass by. Then, a second
stronger green light starts ascending. You are able to feel both legs.
But in your abdominal and chest areas this green force penetrates deeply
into all your organs, so feel this powerful green light in your gonads,
large and small intestine, stomach, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancreas,
spleen, bladder, your solar plexus your, cardiac plexus, your heart,
lungs, adrenal glands, your prostate gland, arteries, blood vessels,
and lymph glands. You also feel in your neck area; your thyroid gland,
your parathyroid glands. In your head you feel this light illuminating
your pineal body, your pituitary gland, the remains of your third eye,
in the center of your forehead. Imagine a horizontal almond made of
flesh and pieces of precious stones. Always in constant vibration,
so it is vibrating, vibrating. It’s emanating cosmic force; it’s
your reliable psychic receiver and transmitter.

Again you’re left in an absolute darkness. Take advantage of this wonderful darkness, so you can get a glimpse from our very present fourth dimension. Tryto get the most of these incredible moments, listen to the wise voice
of your inner master. What about the soft blue light from above? Well
in OUR SECRET CHAMBER III Everybody most spend a few moments again in this silver sphere. See you until then, and I expect you had subtle
psychic experiences before entering in our golden sphere. WITH




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