Dear friends, my brothers and dear sisters every time I’m attuned with higher forces my physical body sends me a signal;

   I usually feel a pleasant headache,so from 5:45 PM to 6:00 P.M MY TIME yesterday I experience this "pain" on the left frontal lobe. I thank you because I saw and could understand my initation in THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD some years ago. This brotherhood is 100% of spiritual content.

       This experience with the Sphinx and the Great pyramid confirms this.

      To me the great pyramid represents our physical reality, but the spiritual downward pyramid represents the cosmic-spiritual world. Now after watching the star of David tridementional I’m aware that I only am one of the many preparing humanity for the next quantum leap. My writings are inspirations coming from higher places.Now I undestand my urgency with some people to help them and at the same time to be helped by them. I’m happy that we are on the same spiritual track.The reading from the book MESSAGES FROM THE CELESTIAL SANCTUM will surely bring you much more understanding.you can find it at Amazon.

    Every day I pray first to God for sending me some inspired messages for you at Intent, then I meditate on this. This is the way most of my intents are created by wearing your shoes. The blog entries are created using the meditaing while walking approach. I start my first round around the small park by assuming that I am harmony; my breathing is pure harmony, so are my walking, observations and brain storm. Usually on my third round; I take at least six (45 minites) and sometimes a dozen. Strenght and self-confidence is my second round; divine light. life and love in my mind, soul and body is done on my third round and so forth.



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