Our health, our sense of physical well-being, is the sum of all that we are on this plane. The mental, physical and spiritual aspects of this marvelous vehicle that we have been given are indivisible and should be reassembled after study, debate and profit sharing.
The failure to address the whole is the perennial Achilles heel in this process and yet the area most amenable to change. Arrogance, ego, turf battles, cynicism and such have not been accepted as viable healing tools. The arduous task of unifying this task with the reality of our being falls to a few courageous souls who have overcome the shackles of ego. Though their numbers are small, the power that sustains them is infinite. May their voices rise that we may be awakened.
Know that your health is yours. Be it a burden or a blessing to you, it is a perception that can only be changed from within. Our will to live and to fulfill our destiny is our greatest asset. This does not mean that we are alone, far from it; all the wisdom and miracles of the universe are at our disposal. The genius that gave us the ancient wisdom is eternal. The miracles past and present, with awakening and understanding, will become commonplace.
Most of us on occasion participate in the futile process of trying to disprove the adage “There is no free lunch”. Experimental drugs should be limited in use to experimental patients. When we as individuals abrogate our god-given status as masters of our own being to whomever, we invite fragmentation of the whole into portions that are then claimed and maimed by those opportunists whose primary motive may not be our health but rather their wealth. Do not despair, for although there is no cure for human nature, we can rise above it. The process is called awakening. Awakening tends to dispel all that is impure and to reassemble that which is inherently perfect. You are made in the image and likeness of God (perfection). Do not be misled by teachings to the contrary.

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Comment by Alexa on March 12, 2009 at 2:46am
thank you for both of your posts today, dear dean. this is beautiful. about time you shared your writer's gift here. hmmm... you've been hiding! (smile)

my own struggle with healing from auto-immune environmental illness has been a rough road as of late, feeling much discouragement. So I have been taking time out from "trying to do it all and do it right to be well" ... ie: cleansing diet, etc. things that have been feeling so futile, and turning in. In. and Inward again. This was confirming to read for me right now. Best to you and yours, dean. tx, my friend!

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