Dearest spiritual siblings on this discovering path, If we have a positive attitude toward life, we will surely find living in our current world not so difficult. Here are some facts; we’re usually surrounded with stressing problems and perplexities. Our lives have become a paradox, they seem everyday more hopelessly contradictory. In spite of these inconveniences what I've recently learned that it is very beautiful and it’s worth living. What’s my secret? I’ve just discovered that to think and strongly believe that everybody should do his best to succeed in expanding our circle of service is our best solution. Each one of us has something the others don’t posses. God made us this way in order to feel ourselves important in a humble manner. Nobody has the special combination of integrated mental/ spiritual attributes like one has, so our society is eagerly waiting for our unique contributions. Must of us are afraid of succeeding and not at failing. Why? Well, mainly because we must adjust to our new change. A new change implies facing more responsibilities.

Remember that I told you that life is a paradox, well it really is. If we only think in making money and not in succeeding in offering society and God our very best, then life will be something very difficult to bear.


Again I’ll repeat the same song: When any human being has made his personality a tool of power, then, and only then, this well deserved knowledge gives him the necessary strength plus the ability expressed in privileges. We definitely will experiment them our whole lives. A lot of temptations in many disguised forms will offer themselves to test our stability regarding our moral and intellectual character. So, we will face on a very regular basis with easy self-gratification or hard impersonal service. We are forced to learn how to hold the force that energizes through us. The result will be acquiring and adapting the various measures of this useful force.


We cannot help everybody dealing with moral or self-improvement matters. Every human being has a very special level of spiritual development, and it is precisely the people on our same level that we are blessed to help. We, of course can help with donations to different kinds of people, people belonging at all spiritual levels. What I’m currently doing is to help you people who are on the same spiritual level. There must be a strong affinity with our companions on the path.

We can only help people from the angle of our evolutionary standpoint. It is until we posses a lovable and loving heart when we’ll become a true disciple of MASTER JESUS CHRIST.

Best regards with a brave, lovable and loving heart.



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Comment by Alexa on October 18, 2012 at 1:08pm

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