OUR CHALLENGE FOR 2013 Jan/15/’13 To be able to give reliable solutions for today and for tomorrow’s issues is without doubt our golden opportunities. The world is eagerly waiting for our contributions. N ever like today is expected from us to make our best efforts to supply very practical solutions. Let’s recall that right now, that the solutions given would be for benefit of the whole world. For many, many years we have wrongly believed that only the top enterprises, including Country governments are the ones to solve our world’s problems. We’ve also mistakenly thought that by listening to the experts would be the best we can actually do. Most of the times an expert in only one field, dares to give solutions to fields he is only one more of us laymen. Besides not only highly industrialized nations have all the answers. Every country of our planet must be participant of this, our next gigantic step. Mark my words. The same applies for every citizen of our global village. One of the main barriers is the conventional thinking held by our brains and minds. The aptitudes to posses a deep though aren’t developed by themselves. They definitely need to be developed through very specific mental training. It’s similar to learning a new language. I dare to say that it is even more difficult, but we really don’t have other alternatives to follow. We can convince ourselves by observing all the trained minds which have succeeded on this. Our great advances of our civilization are the result of the use of creative thoughts. So, why don’t we increase the number of great thinkers worldwide? The new ideas, the inspirational light bolts, never take place in minds lacking key information. Our next step would be to be able to distinguish between minds full of facts, and knowledge acquired functionally all in significant situations, to those cluttered minds filled with data through mechanical means, besides these minds hadn’t obtained the level of maturity needed! Some years ago I read in an important business magazine this slogan: “Nature works along lines of least resistant” That slogan made a huge impression in my mind. It made have the following thoughts: We must make very accurate mental inventory of all mental faculties with great exactitude. By doing this we will be able to know with great precision the particular lines by which they are easily and naturally adapted. This reliable information would place us on the right track, the correct launching pad. This solid platform would give us confidence in our skills and abilities. When we are in the correct pace in the general scheme of things, we surely be happy, this happiness would bring our fellow men true happiness too. We really know a thing and we’ve taken all the necessary measurements of it, we can know its starting point. We know its action and reaction. So we can use it having very predictable effects. In this particular case it’s our mind which we have to know. The usefulness of its mental processes: Memory, reasoning, imagination and intuition. The combination of these processes would indicate us our professional places in life. There’s still much that was left unsaid until you have studied this article. I’ll be patiently waiting for your feedback. Best regards. Amorifer-alden

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