There are times when unexpectedly life situations affect our sacred balance. We wonder. Is there a way to regain our equilibrium? What you are about to read is my contribution to the effective technique I’ve used for some time now. Like most of my blessings in life, the solution came as an inspirational thought, much like the way the T.V character Gregory House finds the proper solution for his patients. Some years ago, I bought some Chinese metal spheres to relax, because I have small hands I had difficulty playing with them, suddenly I stared thinking. Why couldn’t I energize it with pure positive energy during one of my solar days? Due to the fact that I’ve always tried to find the practical application of knowledge right away I began magnetizing this simple metal sphere imagining to be charged with high positive forces; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, so when facing an emergency just by always carrying it, I could grab it, close my eyes and “Feel” how this accumulated energy was liberated all throughout my body. It worked immediately! So, from that time on, not only I should magnetize this object, but I could easily magnetize even a small piece of paper. What I usually used was an overdue credit card highly charged on any of my sun-days. Our vivid imagination plays an important role in our “impregnation” By imagining electrical sparks plus the magnetic field of any object, emanating very powerful colored beams of cosmic light, and pleasant musical notes radiant healing energy. Please be kind enough to inform about your success with something easy and very practical in our daily lives. Amorifer-ezekiel

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