Old Journals - Keep them or burn them?

It's an interesting question and one that I have gone back and forth with myself. Should I keep my old journals or set them, myself and perhaps the past free by burning them en ritual?


Over the years, particularly my healing years, I have kept a journal mostly as a place to find myself, record my path, release and clear my emotions, and process whatever was coming up in my life to be healed. And there was alot of processing going on!


In my teens, I kept a journal simply for poetry that reflected where and what I was seeing and feeling at that time. In my twenties, a mixture of play-dialogue and other creative narratives expressing the things I was seeing and feeling in the world.


More recently, today I keep a journal that is a mixture of spiritual channels and expressions, intuitions and guidance that comes through, and yes, still a place to release left over healing streams or anything that is wanting to be expressed out loud, both positives and negatives, gratitudes, shadows and insights. They are far more reflective of the integrated woman I am becoming, and the wholeness of being and experience as well.


As for where I am today with keeping or burning, I have decided to keep some of my old journals for myself. Books that are particularly strong in expressing and recording where I have been during my healing years. I am enjoying the start of being able to embrace my journey now, and the promise of being able to review it again later when I am further beyond this sacred time and place in my life, which has been very sacred indeed. And also so I can feel that I am embracing and somehow honoring that place in me that was so deeply abandoned by my own mother. It's a way I can love and honor my journey, a journey and self that was never acknolwedged by my family or family system. Yes, I have also chosen to burn a handful of my tablets. Journals that went on and on processing the pain and passions of an inner child that felt, and was, criticized and emotionally cast aside by her own mother, especially during her most difficult years. And I have also let go of most if not all of my journals from my teen years of angst and love pains, as a simple and sacred rite of passage into the present and where I was at that time.



Today, I keep journals both in handwriting and on my computer. I love to write freehand sitting on the floor, letting any stresses or passions freely flow out of me and onto the page. I also love to sit at my desk and type away, sharing and dreaming and writing every creative and/or personal whim and insight that I have when passion strikes on a regular basis. Enjoying the freedom of ... finally ... being able to express myself with ease and acceptance, with joy and great pride for how far I have come in my own personal freedom, and still, to simply allow any and all parts of me to speak, to celebrate, to cry, to rage, to create, to dream - whatever I feel and and however I either want or need to do that at any given time.


I think I'll be keeping these new journals along with the records I will save from my past, for awhile. And it will be wonderful to review them too in another 10 or so years.


So, old journals. Do you keep them? or set them free? ...



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Comment by Alexa on March 29, 2011 at 8:48pm

touche, and thanks Sarah. we are moving soon... (yes, my hubby got his job!!) and I am also feeling strongly that there are things to let go of, and also, others to cherish and reflect. but you are so right, there is definitely a new story in progress! thanks girl. xx

Comment by Sarah Sunny on March 29, 2011 at 10:32am
Its funny you brought this up, like you I've been an avid journaler for years and while cleaning out the spare room closet I found many from years before. Reading through them and looking at them with eyes of a bit more wisdom, I can see my trials and my accomplishements. I  had a lot of forgiving to do at the time and these ones were full of anger, hurt and sometimes rage, but they needed to be brought out in the open. Reading them made me realize how far I had come and what I had accomplished in the area of forgiveness, I burnt all of these ones and in doing so finally felt I had really let go of not just the unforgiveness but the feelings it evoked. Now I have a new story to write!
Comment by Alexa on March 17, 2011 at 10:04pm
thanks Dean xx
Comment by dean meason on March 16, 2011 at 9:20pm

Keep them Alexa.


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