By what authority did you draw your last breath? Once you can name that authority you have named the only authority to decide what you may do with your life. We are born helpless and in utter dependence on another. There are some who desire and plot to keep us in this state of dependence for our entire lives. By what authority do they do this? By the same authority you have to make others dependent upon you. That is, none at all. Yet you know there are beasts who will overrule your "right" to your next breath because you see, read about or hear about this very common occurrence, we call, accident, murder, manslaughter, war or medicine. Because they have this power to destroy your life, you assume, falsely, they have the necessary authority.

No person has any authority over any other, yet we are taught from our earliest years in this world, obedience is sometimes rewarded and disobedience often punished. There is nothing more natural to the human spirit than to seek reward for its efforts and avoid punishments. The life pattern is thusly established by those we believe love us and will later be transferred to many who do not. But because it is within their power to reward or punish, we assume they have the authority to judge our behaviors and qualify them. They never did. Never will.

Now the great powers who have presumed the authority to qualify and judge our behaviors have done so from family tradition. Grandpa ran much of this world and grandsons will also. You might think that unfair. But not if you never consider the matter. So it helps to wear the imaginary shoes of presumed authority. Let's do that. You are so stinking rich, you can hire all the armies and police in the world to do whatever you wish them to do, on your command. Feels good huh? And how did you obtain this great power? Grandpa had it and passed it down, bless his heart. Now deep down inside, you know this is not right or fair to others. But you have a job to do and somebody has to do it. If not you, who? Someone with less power than you, who will never try and boss you around or rob you of your power? No one can be trusted with that kind of power. Not even your father-in-law. Those who work close to you, your top servants, must constantly spy on each other and report to you so you can handle world affairs with the least threat to your authority and life. For you have more real enemies than anyone else on earth and you live in constant fear of attack.

So you rule over nearly 7 billion people, many who know who you are, some of whom could take your life. Would it not be in your best interest to prevent such attempts in the first place? How would you do it? You would keep as many in the dark about your existence and your identity as you possibly could and you would keep them fearful of knowing too much, requiring their removal by mental or physical restriction, or death. Those who know you and might hatch some plan to do you harm must be kept in constant fear, as grandpa taught you. You must maintain a fear based global society at all costs and when you are so stinking rich, you can easily afford all costs.

You have the world on a string, you are sitting on a rainbow, teaching your children and grandchildren the magic of power and illusion, so the great work of singular/group dominion will carry on when you are gone. The divine right of inheritance. And what does this have to do with you and me? It has to do with the choice we make to obey and serve this tyrant(s) to reap rewards or not. To serve him/them is automatic. We have been trained to that purpose, assuming every authority superior to our own. To refuse to serve is a challenge. We have been taught to avoid challenge. We have been taught to go along and get along. If we are no longer going to do so we must overcome this training. We don't have rights. We have privilege. We are allowed to draw the next breath until that choice is overruled. How do we best protect our authority then? First we do our best to avoid presumed authority. That is our challenge. If we read Sun Tzu's Art of War, as we should if we would avoid war, we learn not to contest superior power. The unity politics which says we can challenge such power is baloney. 100 million times no power = no power, just as 535 times no authority = no authority. Why do you think you learned to have your own way through stealth and deception as a teenager? So you would know how to be comparatively free as an adult on the great plantation of universal slavery. Surely you have not so soon forgotten these lessons you are now clueless about working around "the man".

As a much younger man, first considering the relative merits of freedom on the great plantation, I was exposed to a book which was a masterful presentation of freedom how-to. It was titled "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World" by Harry Browne. In it he describes 14 mental traps we fall into, causing substantial losses of freedom. Most of us fall into two or more of them. One good example is the previous investment trap. It goes like this: I have invested so much time, money and effort into this project/lifestyle, I would be a fool to walk away now. Yet, we know deep down, it has not produced what we wanted and is not likely to do so tomorrow or the next day. Harry uses the rest of the book explaining how to get out of the traps and stay out. Why don't we love freedom? We have been taught to love convenience. Giving that up above all else will put us on a path to freedom and increase our happiness along the path. We might think ourselves happy slaves, yet what do we have for comparison? All the other slaves, your family and neighbors, the local police, are all part of the freedom challenge. If you are not up for the challenge, please quit your bitching. A friend of mine recently found this great freedom book as a free PDF. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, I'll find out where he found it.

With much of the world telling us we must do something to prevent the future holocaust, we are distracted from preparing to survive it. Death may be liberation in the very truest sense but it need not come day by day at the hands of presumed authority. You have already chosen that by training and the expectations of others, not knowing there was a choice. You can change that choice right now as easily as changing your point of view on authority. Slavery becomes less convenient every day. Soon freedom may be a simple coin toss. For you, it could be today.

-- Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

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Comment by Alexa on January 28, 2011 at 10:44am

gosh Ed, this could be applied to so many things. wow. thanks.

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