Note from the Founder: Moving Forward and Site Winding Down in 2014

A Note from the Founder:

From 2008 - 2014 Awakened Journey has served as an inspired and enlightened online global community for people around the globe sharing a path of authentic spiritual awakening, healing, spiritual recovery and re-discovery, and sharing the journey of expanding consciousness leading up to and through the post years of the cyclic shift of 2012. That mission has been fulfilled, and since then site activity has been winding down - although there seems to be a new surge of activity percolating this year as we shift into resolution and Rebirth this cycle and if so we shall see. Members may still post, group-share and blogshare from here and touch base here as they choose. In any case...

We are online now as an online global home base (community) for members or seekers who wish to review or rediscover on a deeper level, and.. to share the many gifts we co-created for the next person who may be looking. 

also... many of us are now keeping in touch via FB and other conscious social media circles. So come join us! Members may still update their status and blogshare from here, or create and share anew whenever you'd like. These are your pages, your groups, your intentions. so enjoy.

As I move forward with my own next callings and steps I want to share another big heartfelt, soul~full Thank You, special friends on the Path, for being part of this incredible and inspiring circle. I have learned and grown so much with and from you; and I hold great gratitude to you for all that was created here, your presence and your many gifts to the Site ... the support, so much shared inspiration and tons of Love.

Thank you. Happy travels with your next New Best Steps. As always, I look forward to seeing where we grow from here. :) 

I'm sure I'll post again here too at times here and there. See you then and enjoy resting and breathing here whenever you'd like.

in joy & love, 


January 2014


RePost/Spring 2014 

Our Mission: Embracing connection, love and wild joy in our daily lives - for a more awakened life and world. Let us inspire you to living bigger, more freely, and more authentically in your daily life. - Recover and ReDiscover (Awaken) True Self.

- the Awakened Journey community, Spring 2014

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