If your profile/account has been disabled due to the current glitch at NING, follow these directions to have it reinstated.

To Reinstate your Account Access:

Click on the Ning Ask Question Page http://hc.ning.com/ning_login.php?p_next_page=PortalTickets/AskUsAQ... where you submit a ticket.

The initial help page asks for email, password and the ning network. Ask them to ignore it, on the bottom right corner you see the orange button "Sign In" - on the left of it says "SKIP" just click skip and a dialog of choice of what you are reporting - click "My account" or Click the blue button "continue to the form" and complete the form as you would and submit it..a ticket will be generated. Be sure to include your profile name and the correct NING address for Awakened Journey which is AwakenedRecovery.ning.com . Simply state that your profile was disabled, and request that it be reinstated. Easy!

Again, this should re-enable your account in a matter of hours at best. The kink should also be worked out completely later this week, if not sooner. :)


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Comment by Alexa on April 6, 2010 at 2:29pm
To JENN.G - I am aware that you have been blocked and appreciate your wonderful patience and understanding. Please know I am working on getting your account re-abled asap, and though I don't know the time frame, have confirmation that NING is working on this.

If anyone else would like to contact Alexa re: this problem, you may reach her through either Twitter or Facebook at "Awakened Journey"

Comment by Alexa on April 6, 2010 at 2:24pm
original notice:


Several members have reported being "locked out" of the site, particularly after having posted a blog that contains a web-address link.

If this has happened to you and you cannot log back into the site... relax.... and please know that this issue is being currently addressed at NING.

It is happening on multiple NING networks at this time, and is a glitch related to some of their new features.

Your Profile will remain intact. And this will be corrected (according to NING) as quickly as possible!!

- and -

You can submit a Help Request to NING by following these easy directions:
(Blog above)

Some members who have submitted a help ticket have reported having their accounts reinstated within a couple hours, though as the number of blocked folks has increased, it is now taking longer.

Thank You and Sorry for the Inconvenience


The number of people reporting this from numerous networks has increased and NING is well aware of this problem.

We appreciate your patience as NING works to restore this back to normal.

The "disabling" feature went awry as ning was trying out a new spam-block feature that has backfired.

This issue is being addressed but taking longer than hoped. Thank you for your patience. We are aware that some members out there may be blocked and frustrated, but it will be remedied!

NING suggests that everyone experiencing this submit a "HELP TICKET" - the directions in the blog.

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