This Is What I’ve Learned
June 2009

Life Lessons

So think about this one.
If say you started at the age of twenty and put a mere $20 in your savings account each and every payday, which would basically be about $40 a month. In ten years you can, or
could have; put almost five-thousand dollars saved. That’s only twenty dollars each payday, can you imagine fifty dollars each payday.
So then you take this money that you have diligently saved and invest it so that ultimately your money starts to work for you because eventually that’s what you want your money to do, work for you!
Pondering back to my twenty’s I cannot think of why I could not have put at least $20 away each payday, I can only imagine where I’d be today. But I’m not gonna’ frown on that, instead I gladly look forward to my future and apply the knowledge I have learned.
You know, multi-million dollar companies have financial managers and accountants who do all the stuff I’ve written about in these last two newsletters, I’m just scaling it down to an individual basis – Are We Not Worth It? Are You Not Worth It?

Oh, by the way, fifty dollars twice a month of course is $100. One hundred dollars over the course of ten years is $12,000 – Imagine That!
Set Your Goals, Start Today, It’s Never Too Late!

Get Fit – Fit Tip

Skinfold Measurement, which is determined by using Skinfold Calipers, is one of the most common ways of determining one’s body composition, i.e. body fat, and can actually be 98% accurate; this according to studies. By measuring one’s subcutaneous tissue, using skinfold calipers, one’s distribution of muscle and fat can be determined, thus, helping to determine how out of shape, or not, one is.
Underwater Weighing, Hydrostatic Weighing, is considered the gold standard of percent of body fat measuring. Because of this buoyancy counter force element, simply put, the more fat free mass one has the lower the percent of body fat. Though keep in mind, fat floats, so the more body fat one has, naturally, the higher percent of body fat one will have.

Great Read

The 5 Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me
For Women
Richard Paul Evans

Enjoyable read!
ISBN #: 9781439150207

Thought to Ponder

“A home is made not built” ukn

Newsletter # 25 Much Love

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