New Moon September - Conscious Cosmic Upgrading

Things feeling extra intense right now? This is a POWERFUL time and it is extra important to be GENTLE with ourselves. We are moving through a HUGE wave of energy and potent cosmic influences.
The old ways, stuff, patterns, thoughts, you name it, if it is old it has been showing up and it is coming up to be cleansed and re-aligned. Yes, this is a powerful time of CLEANSING the old and RE-ALIGNMENT to the new, so keep focusing and re-focusing on the new dream, the beauty, the conscious, the loving, and the gifts of all that hard work you have done. The past is fast falling away behind us and the new personal (and collective) paradigm we have been choosing, dreaming, intending, working for, is very much literally upon us, and it can feel that way too. If it feels like a birth, be assured that it is. A great rebirth of ourselves and our lives, where what we choose is coming into our field and hopefully for those we love. Some of those loved ones have chosen to stay in the old, however, and though they may not be coming along, we find now a new acceptance and balance with the fact.
So a good time to cleanse and detox and rest alot this month, body mind spirit and emotions need cleansing and re-nourishing. Cleanse those fields, repair and nurture them too. The body feels this too and needs lots of TLC as well (tender loving choices) so please eat well, lots of pure simple foods from the earth and give plenty of rest, nourishment and water to those lovely bodies of yours. Love love love yourself and be G E N T L E with yourself as well. Keep your favorite tools and practices nearby and practice often.
And be happy! This is such an exciting time and the New Dream is coming into form. We can ironically feel some grief as the old passes away, but remind yourself often that it is only actually a re BIRTH. Give yourself a big hug for all the work you have done to arrive here, and know that the discomfort will soon dissolve away. Wa-doo! It IS time for the New. and it has been no small feat to bring it all in in this dimension. many many blessings and big big hugs. ♥
Biggest blessings as we collectively choose to evolve and expand. Expanding our fields, our minds, and yes, our conscious hearts, feels wobbly too and brings the need to be G E N T L E with our days and selves and the ones we love.

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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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