This humble contribution seeks to cast some light on the topic of integral health. Please keep in mind I am at your service. I perform this sacred service with a loving attitude towards you.
As I write these words I experience a wonderful spiritual enjoyment, a great privilege to be able to aid you.
As a spiritual healer, I am about to express my convictions and experience on some patients suffering from an unbalance of their body, mind, and soul connection.
I’ve been asked several times to help human beings of all walks of life. We, spiritual healers, treat illnesses and all sickness as the lost of balance in our integral being. In my country; México there has always been a common ritual called: barridas (sweeps), also known as AURA CLEANSING. This ritual uses several ingredients: eggs, lemons or odorous herbs. I use my own special vibrated water. Most times I’ve used distant healing techniques using any chatting facility various times. First the patient and I pray together. Other times when the patient is unable to do this, a patient’s relative prays with me. Of course that there are other steps to be followed in order to become reliable healing channels coming from the divine world.
Regarding aura cleansings what I don’t like happening in my beloved country is that this habit is disappearing because modern Mexican people consider it something carried out by ignorant people. By ignorant I mean human beings who lack formal education, but who have received oral teachings from their relatives, as you might know, there are still many modern Mexican people who descend from wise Indians. They are known as “chamanes”
To us, participating in such rituals as patients or healers has proven been very helpful because our imbalance can bee easily stopped or detected in what we call the first stage in our health recovery. At this stage, it is vital to have our energy field (aura) been cleaned several times. Other activities include reading some famous self-help books or to talk to our priest, even to make meditation a daily habit. Other suggested activities are to listen to classical music, mantra chanting even to perform some chakra activation exercises. To swallow some sun light two hours before noon, to drink a lot of water and to become passive. On the seconds phase, it is recommended to become active spiritual seekers. On the third stage, it is required a much more in depth enrollment using guided relaxation and meditation. Also reading THE BIBLE will be an excellent idea. Here by using our intuition we will open THE BOOK at random manner on order to find the appropriate spiritual message.
Thank God none of my wife’s family members neither my relatives has suffered from serious illness. As an ESL instructor, almost all my students have had a relative suffering from cancer. Looking at the great worries reflected on my students’ faces made me do some research on this topic. What you are about to read took me about a dozen years of searching in several well-known medical journals including alternative medicine.
Spiritual healers consider the first stage; when the imbalance is not detected by medical studies due to it hasn’t been crystallized in a physical or psychic manner. This not harmonious affection is at a spiritual level. The second stage is also nondetectable using modern science, but a person’s imbalance is easily detected by a sensitive person because it is now manifesting at a psychic level. The third stage is when medical science is able to measure the damage done in a person's body.

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