Yesterday I promised myself im gonna change my ways

  1. Love Myself and take care of me
  2. Love my children and engage with them
  3. Develop a daily schedule and stick to them
  4. Have my home always in order and in harmony
  5. Workout hard and target my problem areas This is everyday
  6. I will try to stay away from Myspace
  7. I will email Grace less
  8. I will be aware of my inner self and what my guide is telling me
  9. Mediation time will be done everyday
  10. Morning affirmation and Nightly with the girls
  11. Send out love to all and to see love in all
  12. Give a smile to everyone I see and be Gracious to everyone even the mean ones
  13. I am not affect emotional any more from my past therefore Miguel Gonzalez can not hurt me for I got alligator skin.
  14. I’ll pass on love and Gratitude to others and attending my weekly group LOA
  15. I will go to Church of God every Weds and Spiritualist church Thursday and Saturdays
  16. My days is filled with activities for my growth in spirituality and activities for my girls
  17. I’m preparing my daughters to be love and light
  18. I’m teaching my daughters to be polite,dutiful,responsible,loving,respectful,honest,and smart now.
  19. I am responsible now and harmonies now and forever more
  20. Two weeks I will have my modeling career on the go!!!
  21. Everynight I’ll write down on my journal and follow my check list and mark them off
  22. Donate all my stuff
  23. Give peace to my enemies
  24. Be center and not be affected by the outer world
  25. Daily visualization breathing seeing and believe
  26. Yoga and belly dancing to enhance my sexuality
  27. I attract the right people at the right time people who are aiding me towards my goals
  28. I love myself and I am beautiful and confident
  29. I have perfect expression
  30. I have prosperity
  31. Find help for neediness and anxiety
  32. Put your mind off Jonathan and focus on you fill yourself up so when he is here he can see how good ur doing and how beautiful you are!!
  33. I stay away from emails and face book for at least one week as of now only report with people who are now guiding you the rt path. I creating all of this right now!! I feel it Breath it and See It. I choose to post this to really put my intentions out there for the universe to see this is what I Ask and I Believe and am Receiving!!!

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