Leo (7/23-8/22)

Stop dwelling on your past -- or at least the painful parts of it! You've done your share of that in the past, and how has it worked out for you? Take a good look at your future instead, and think about all the positive things that lie ahead. Find someone you can talk to who can remind you of what you've dealt with before that was pretty worthwhile. It's also a good time to just act like you were born yesterday.

Here is my fun little horoscope for today and a good one at that. Today my Intent is to keep a calm mind (woke up so peaceful after having had a good nights sleep, what wonders it will do) and enjoy a sound healthy body. I must say, hubby and I worked on the house yesterday, both inside and out, and it is looking and feeling clear, clean and beautiful! Zen refreshed and sooo nice. Going to relax with this Tuesday of summer (is it summer yet?) and also finish some weeding and cleaning what else needs to get done (some good final scrub downs). Most of all, am going to enjoy my day with my little beloved (here in the pic with me). She is 14 and struggling with some on-set dementia and other things (that have also been keeping me up at nights) and I have been feeling alot of grief with knowing our time is truly limited. But I am also loving having the free time right now to fully embrace and be with her. She is really wanting that too. But had stumbled upon this horoscope this a.m. and it also brought such a good focus for my day, am going to use it for my morning meditation. Regarding my inner work, it really has for me paid off, and I feel so ready, like the horoscope says, to enjoy having arrived where I am today and being clear and free now in an exiciting new way. It really is a good time to act like I was born yesterday. In some way, I truly was. Oh, yes!

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Comment by Alexa on June 1, 2010 at 7:10pm
thank you Sheila. am also feeling that the most important things I have to do right now are being with her and appreciating every moment with her process. staying out of grief and being present for her is the greatest challenge. she's pretty fragile right now. but also quite a special spirit. many thanks. xo
Comment by Sheila on June 1, 2010 at 3:53pm
Sounds like your in a really good place. Good on you. All that positive energy coming off you will surely help boost your little doggy. Have a good one. x

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