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         As a loving walking Candyman I’ve been struck by the powerful energy of simple everyday words. This phenomenon started as I was seven years old. Soon I discovered that the more I read my convictions grew bigger, thus these convictions obtained from previous lives usually found mysterious ways much throughout my early conscious life. But, it was the spoken word listened in various languages which made me recall people, places and important events with much more accuracy.

    I was strongly fascinated by the spoken word as every foreign film was absorbed by me; Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, Portuguese, Italian, Hindu, German, French and British English and of course American English. These experiences had place in the early fifties.

       It was just after I finished an article I had the urgent need to sign it as; Zanonni . If you have you read the novel by Edward Bulwer Litton in which the main character is named Zanoni only with an “n” you will be in a more proper position to understand the spiritual message in this contribution. Everything has to do with the amazing beautiful music coming from a violin virtuoso. As I was reading this novel I had the following spiritual experience: As I listened to the music from this magical violin in my mind a mysterious soft illumination stared forming right in front of me. It was a combination of violet and pink colored cloud surrounded me. As I was in its vortex a sweet fragrance was also perceived .This cosmic energy flowed into my heart first and then into my brain specifically in my left temple. The Universe was in me or I was in the core of our Universe, I really don’t know. The sensation cannot be put into any words. What I do know is that I experienced the greatest clarity of mind ever had in this life, so that night I was sleepless. The next morning I stared to write this name in a different manner. After some intent I came along with the word “Inzonam” which was pronounced: IIIINNN-ZZOOOO-NNAAAAMMMM. I even hummed it. The reason for this inner urged was soon found. To me it means a powerful tool when we face a nervous condition as we face stressful situations. Immediately this uneasiness is evaporated. You may wonder ask if at my age there are still difficult situations, including temptations of wrong doings, of course that there are; Huge ones. Besides we feel ourselves liberated and with a supreme sense of selfishness elimination. The strength of our spirit prevails. To feel the eternal cosmic truths becomes an easier task every time we allow our inner master to manifest its divinity by pronouncing vowel sounds. These sounds can be in our mother tongue or in other languages; here the main thing is to pronounce them with a loving heart. It is by visualizing this energy like when we throw a stone in a tranquil lake how the ripples spread harmoniously on the surface of this placid lake. Our heart becomes the ruler of our mind. From a spiritual view point one starts to feel like a God’s blessing here on our planet and also in His Kingdom.




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