Posted by Ezequiel Rodiguez on June 30, 2012, at 1:41 pm
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The man has always striven to become a much better version of himself. He only needs something very reliable to aid him in this sacred endeavor. Mystics worldwide and at all ages have seen a human being as an integral self-composed of a harmoniously integrated being: soul, mind, and body.
God, our Maker has already given us everything
We can see and wonder how our physical body improves with exercise, a healthy diet, and the proper thoughts. The improvement of our minds is a little more difficult to be fully appreciated. Ah! Our spirit, however, is indeed a blessing. Our soul personality can achieve miracles in both our bodies and our minds because it’s always followed unchangeable cosmic laws from the beginning of times in a subconscious manner. The secret sought for so long time is indeed very simple; it is like learning a second language, so far there haven’t been reliable methods
for us to accomplish this. Since the year two thousand and seven my goal has been to interchange with my peers, serious spiritual seekers, tips, formulas which have worked for us, so I’ve decided to bring out the best of my mental-spiritual experiences had by our spiritual beings throughout thousand of years living on this planet and also in our spiritual mansions. It is a very strong conviction that we, who think alike, are needed by our world! I am humbly sharing over fifty-two years of wonderful experiences in this lifetime and many millennia as I like yourselves we all became beautiful living souls.
I’m eager to listen to each one of your experiences. One of the many gifts God gave was to know the attributes, skills, and gifts of human beings. During fifty-two years I have been able to help out about three dozen people in my community. This golden opportunity has allowed me to offer you a year long course of self-development; there are just forty-eight lessons and four exams in this course. 
I thank you from the core of this always loving spiritual heart!
Ezequiel Rodríguez Salivar

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