Mourning Doves & One Red Cardinal (True Story)

We have been in a blizzard situation here since yesterday. When spring is on the horizon, we start to see Mourning Doves in this area. Well, yesterday I was enthralled by watching a large, male Mourning Dove sitting in one of our trees for just over an hour. What is he waiting for, I asked myself. Finally, I decided he was just enjoying his snow-bath. All of a sudden, he flew away but soon returned to our backyard with his mate. I looked out and the two of them were eating the seeds I had put outside early yesterday morning. What a beautiful sight!

Today, my bird story got better. I have just seen a beautiful red, male Cardinal in our apple blossom tree (no blossoms yet). The sighting of a red, male Cardinal (for me) is a symbol of my late father watching over me and our home. Why, you may be asking. On the day my father passed away in 1995, our neighbour was pacing in her backyard and worrying about us. We had to leave at 2am to be with my father as he was dying and therefore our neighbour saw that the morning newspaper was still on our doorstep and no one was answering the phone. She was very concerned about us. Finally, after my father died and we got my mother asleep, we returned home so I could make arrangements to take time off school (teaching) for my father's funeral. I went right outside to tell our neighbour about my father's passing.

My neighbour cried with me and held me in her arms for comfort and support. Suddenly, she whispered to me:

"Turn around quietly. There's a lovely red Cardinal sitting right behind you in your apple blossom tree." And sure enough, there he was. He didn't move as I turned around. He just sat quietly and looked at me. Later, as we were preparing for my dad's funeral, the red Cardinal came daily and sat upon our window sill.

Since that time, the red Cardinal will visit me. I know in my heart that he is my father's messenger to me. My father (and my mother,too) loved birds. In fact, my dad wanted to name me 'Robin' because I was born in the first week in April when we see our first Robin of the season.

Thanks Daddy, I love your visits.


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Comment by Alexa on February 26, 2010 at 1:35pm
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