Monday Meditations - The Universe is calling. Are you paying attention?

Wow. powerful time, powerful steps. Do you feel it?

I found some owl feathers about a week ago and have been with influence from their energy for awhile now. So much is going on in my life, in my shift, in my soul. It is surely a time of small but powerful steps.

My practice is so important. It includes energy work and quiet time, excercise and stillness. I am finding it imperative to go within and listen. A quiet time, a sacred time, and one where connection to Source deepens at its own pace.

I trust the season, winter, and I trust the calling in my cells, my spirit my soul. Sometimes it feels strange, others hard, sometimes painful as the old wounds are cleansed and freed, but always there is a sense of quickening, of hope and of promise. Of walking into my new skin as much as I am cleansing the memories of the old.

I have begun my first shamanic painting. Creativity and expressing creatively, following the inner muse, where I have nothing to figure out, just to watch, and follow and see, is another profoundly simple joy I am unfolding to. I'll share it perhaps when it is done. But the process is becoming more important than the final product, and that feels strong and right and grounding.

Life is a mystery, we are not to figure out. A paradox not to be known. We are being asked to Trust. To surrender. To let go and let Spirit guide us. Spirit speaks to us in our impulses, through our creativity, and even in our daily tasks there is a sense of something humble and far more important than ego going on. A deepening. Into Self.


A sense of humor helps, when I remember to practice it.

Nothing is as it seems and I surely am not one to argue with the obvious, we may think we know but we never really do. Again, a paradox of trusting and knowing our intuition is true, and then again, it is all a dream.

Wisdom is in the doing. Not the knowing. And also it is a time to do. Do the dishes, paint the picture, care for the beloved dog who's leg is lame and needs surgery this week.

And listen.

Listen and follow.

Just be present to each moment. And see what unfolds during it. But be present. This too seems to be the most important message and awakening of all.

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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
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