With two strokes of a pen, the thinking citizens of the United States of America will: 1.) Earn the gratitude, respect and admiration of the civilized world. 2.) Reduce global violence to less than half its current level. 3.) Provide meaningful aid to the poorest among our global community -and much, much more.

To continue; the PEOPLE will: 4.) Create a global economic recovery such as the world has never seen. 5.) Carve a new republic from a corporate plantation. 6.) Fully recover and institute the concept of the citizen sovereign, in full control of sovereign states. 7.) Set a global example of spiritual enlightenment.

Do I have your attention? Today it came to my attention the Republican Party will never, ever again exercise the kind of political and economic power it has enjoyed the past six years. That will leave us with yet another one party government; absolutely, positively no better than the one we now have. There are two immediate solutions for one party government. The first is to tie its hands and limit the damage it can do. The second is to provide an enlightened substitute for the thoroughly discredited Republicans. The next thing we will need is a second enlightened substitute to keep the other two honest. Enlightened citizens are all in favor of tolerance and inclusion so small, special interest parties can form and win some Congressional representation that will never be ignored and trampled by simple majorities.

Does it all sound too good to be true? Am I promising a utopia if you will only follow me? Maybe.:-) Probably not. And I say all this will proceed from two strokes of the pen? Stroke number one: strike the general welfare clause from the United States Constitution. This will immediately restrict the United States Congress to acting within its wisely enumerated powers and not any old thing it wants to do, as has been and now is the case. They have their own private democracy. They write new rules, take a vote and a simple majority makes a suggestion a law. An administrative puppet signs it into law.

The general welfare clause was the authority Bloody Abe Lincoln used to overthrow citizen and state sovereignty because one big country ruled from Washington D.C., was better for the people than a bunch of sovereign states out of control. (Washington's control) We needed a big daddy to maintain order and universal public policy. Bloody Abe spilled far more American blood to create his coup d'etat than George Bush can do in twice the time, I hope. The nation has had a war for nearly every generation since then. Yes Henry, the two things are totally connected. The people's servants became their masters and the masters know war is good for business. The more the better. And you thought they just happened like the weather, didn't you? That is what you are taught/ trained to think. Why would you fight in them if you knew they were deliberate political - economic decisions?

Pen stroke number two: Sign a new Congressional bill that caps the existing debt ceiling where it is right now. In the same bill require the existing debt be paid off at 5% per year. In a few years, the savings in interest will make the payments. Who among us has ever enjoyed such generous terms from a corporate lender? The world will know our power for evil has been seriously restricted for the twenty years it may take to create budget surpluses. The world can relax a little. Surpluses to be returned to the states or citizens. In other words, America will no longer be a WILD card in global politics. Who would brother George tax to pay for his everlasting wars, if he could not tax his children and grandchildren? Am I the only one interested in the answer to that one?

I don't really care who runs this revolution but I would like to name the first U.S. enlightened political party. I would like to name it the Compassion Party. The real compassionate conservatives would sign up and contribute to the effort immediately. Their numbers would be so small, they could not possibly control the party. The name would also serve as a reminder that dispassionate government, whether it is African, Asian or American; North, South or Central, is bad government.

It will not require another party to create these pen strokes, possibly next year. It will take a communication campaign to let our Washington masters know it is time to return the country to the people, who will take it in any event, however long they attempt to stall. They will be punished and disgraced for doing so, exposing their selves for all to see. If we don't quit, they will have to. Doesn't real political power feel good?

If every one who likes the simplicity of this non - violent plan sends a copy to their state governor, state attorneys, state legislature and their U.S. Congressional representatives, we will have more help than we can shake a stick at, some from surprising sources. It will also let us quickly separate the heroes from the zeroes. OK America, who is down with this? Or is liberty and responsibility too much for modern Americans to handle?

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Comment by kashzka mucha on February 28, 2010 at 12:07pm
I'll vote for you :o)
Comment by Ed Howes on February 28, 2010 at 10:24am
It appears the answer is no one.
Comment by kashzka mucha on February 28, 2010 at 3:29am
Who would be he spokesman for the Compassion Party.....and get the ball rolling?

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