Michael Jackson, the man and life - feeling great saddness today

As a person who who has connections in both recovery and entertainment I need to say that I am filled with some deeply mixed emotions as I remember the life and work of Michael Jackson today.

Yes, I loved his music, his talent was extraordinary and he surely gave the world an incredible gift as an entertainer. In high school and college, I loved his music, watching him move, and some of those songs I can still hear clearly in my mind today. His sensitivity as a soul of Light in his dysfunctional world leaves me feeling a great compassion for the struggling spirit he exhibited, his obvious wounding and the lack of protection and nurturing from his own childhood, which every child deserves. I feel deeply saddened for that. And I also feel compassion for his family.

However in the quest to heal our society and consciousness about these issues, I must also say that in world that is in recovery/healing, we must also maintain a zero tolerance to any type of child abuse, whether direct and/or covert. And I can't seem to separate the 2 issues of MJ when I think of him today.

Michael Jackson admitted openly on a taped and much broadcast interview that he slept naked with young boys. And although I read that he acted with discipline and impeccable manners with some children, and grateful that he did, he did not act, by virtue of his own words, impeccably with other young boys. Herein lies the tragedy. For those boys and families who's lives were damaged by the violation of an adult's trust and integrity, the effects of enabling his illness to affect the lives of others is for me not so easily dismissed today.

I wish peace and healing to MJs soul, his family, and to the lives of those his own abuse affected. He may have been a victim of child abuse also, however there is no excuse to allow abuse to continue forward. We need accountability, healing from the unconsciousness in our world, protection for all children, and recovery. And, we cannot allow these behaviors to go unaccounted for as we remember this man today and expect to move forward ourselves towards a world that is conscious and healed.

It is with great sympathy in my heart that I sign off with a wish for peace, and a thank you for the music, to a highly gifted yet wounded sensitive soul. I am so saddened by the pain he endured. And I am also feeling sad for the young lives damaged by his illness. To his family too, God bless all and Rest in healing and peace.

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