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Note to members:

The purpose for our healing community at Awakend Journey seems to be fulfilled, and site activity has been winding down as we continue to move more fully into a recovered and conscious paradigm, both individually and as a whole. I am aware of this, and feeling so and ever grateful for the healing we have shared here during all of our ascensions.

I will leave the Site open for another year or two , perhaps longer, for those who want to read, reflect or still input or share. For those with logs and journals on site, your threads are safe and you may still check in whenever you'd like. In case this space will be wanting to transform or segue into a second incarnation at a later time, I will give ample, ample notice before any big changes are indeed made.

I am so proud of the work and writing and contributions we have made to each other, ourselves and our world together as a healing community. It has been amazing to witness and experience the soul-felt transformation we have shared. And I thank each of the members here for that.

A/J shall stay online at this time as a place of conscious community and connection and reference/sanctuary for those on the Path. Feel free to check in or share if you are feeling it. This is still a grounded online community and I realize that many have made connections here.

As for myself, I am posting less at this particular time. Who knows, I too may jump back in with something new again in another year or so. In the meantime, my blessings, love, joy and deepest heartfelt gratitude go out to each and all of you. ... Thank you for joining together on the Journey!

Love Hugs & biggest Angel Blessings,

in ever-expanding Truth as always, Alexa ♥

April 2012

Affirm: "I am joy-filled, and love to explore the wonders of life"  Take some time to celebrate Who You Are and the transformations and expansions you have made on your journey. The expansion that you have experienced as a soul has been astounding. Your guidance is to celebrate today, and celebrate all that you have and do. Focus on the joy and trust that you can navigate every day forward with this new consciousness and Light.  .. (paraphrased) message from angel wisdom and aum Shamanic Dreamers, aho !

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