Message for Tired Lightworkers: Pampering Your Body Heart and Soul

A Message (and Massage) for Lightworkers :)


Are you a LW who is currently feeling the 'tired'? You are not alone. And good! You are so going to enjoy this next part....



As 2012 slowly makes it's way into a close, and Dec 21 comes quietly and without much fuss at all, many of us who have been in tune with the cyclic shifting this, and the past 10, years, many of us are also feeling 'the tired.' We really walked the walk through the old cycle, didn't we? And I am thankful myself for good friends on site and at home who have walked along with me and helped to carry the collective torch. Thank you!


In any case, as many of us are feeling now, it is time for some nurturing self love and placing ourselves first on the receiving end of all of the giving this year.


So. The message I am sharing is this: it is time, even amid the outer business of the season, it is surely time for us too to relax, enjoy and take extra special care of ourselves. Yes you heard correctly, for the remainder of this energetically combustive year of 2012, it's a time for us to nourish and re-nurture our bodies minds and hearts with good foods and good thoughts and some extra tender loving (self) care. 



So go out if you are feeling prompted to get the massage, the extra pedicure, the cozy new winter sweater, the whatever-it-is that nourishes your joy quotient - body mind spirit and soul. In joy. And take in all the long awaited harmony of some great receiving. It's time you learn to receive too, you know. And you are right now receiving not only PERMISSION but cosmic DIRECTIVE to go out and receive some Tender Loving Nurturing Self Care as well.


With this comes the reminder to re-focus on the love, the joy and the freedom you have reached. A new dream and a new cycle begins soon enough and is nearly upon us. You made it, You did it! And there is no-thing left to "do" at this time but to "BE". Ahhhh... it is time to relax.


So give yourself a round of applause, along with the gift of joyful attention to your body mind and spiritual wellbeing this season and into the new New Year. You deserve it. Enjoy.


In highest regards and love…

Your fellow tired traveler and Lightworker on the path…



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